Damn the GOP

This morning’s news report tells us the GOP has sent an open letter to Iran telling them that any deal they make with President Obama will be subject to change by either congress or the next president.

They should all be found guilty of treason. This attempt at undermining the president’s negotiations with a foreign nation is treasonous, in my opinion.
Their quest for war is shameful and disgusting. War profits may be good for the military-industrial complex but, they are not good for our young men and women. Nor for our infrastructure, which is in dire need of repair.
Please join me in calling your elected federal officials and tell them to stop this BS.
Representatives can be found here….
And Senators here….
Call them, be nice, but let them know of your concerns. A call works better than an email as emails may just be ignored while calls must be answered and responded too.
Thanks and it is warming up a bit here, enjoy.


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