A Question for my friends that vote Republican

Note. “My friends that vote Republican”. Some actually have *Democratic values, but for some strange reason they vote Republican.
So friends, suppose Republicans take the white house in 2016 and hold on to the legislative branch. (House and Senate). This would give them control of all three branches of the federal government.

If this were to take place, there would be an elimination of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, all Republican goals.

And more likely than not, at least one invasion of a mid-eastern country. Oil producing mid-eastern country to be specific.

Additional goals would be a law banning unions and various worker’s rights. Abortion may or may not be banned it is still being used affectively as a get out the vote tool.

Now the question is: If this takes place, would you still blame Obama for your pain and suffering, or would you just say “we all have to make sacrifices for the good of the country”?

You can submit your answer here via a comment or just drop me an email. I sit with bated breath awaiting your replies.

*Democratic values, one Republican voting friend recently told me that water for personal use should be free to all. My response “That sounds rather Democratic if not actually socialistic.”


19 thoughts on “A Question for my friends that vote Republican

      • Larry, it will be better than you think. Trump will be elected, along with ‘Gentle Ben’ as his VP, and voila!, we will at last have some smart folk in the White House! In the interest of comments being kept short, per your request as you have short attention spans, an example of Obama and dumb is the Iran nuclear deal, where Iranians get to pick their own inspectors, and do their own inspections…how dumb is that?? with a 24 day lead time to boot! Did I mention that Iran has never kept one promise, in decades of deals? Wake up!!


    • Politicians are judged by what they do, not what they say. Dems have controlled Detroit for 60 plus years, it is bankrupt. Dems control Wayne county, it is in the toilet and will soon be out of money. Dems dug the jail money pit. Republicans deserve a chance to set things right, the Dems have shown the wrong way, (can there be any dispute?), now let the Republicans right the sinking ship. All the other issues are red herrings, Bengazi was a fiasco, Hillary and her emails are a distraction. Obama can’t be bothered, he is trying , really trying, to improve his golf game……so forget ISIS, let’s hold hands with Iran, Obama thinks all these issues will fade away…just like his golf…..


      • Thank you for your reply. Detroit is bankrupt because corporate heads outsourced good paying jobs. The state decided to give tax breaks to the rich rather than help Detroit in its time of need. Not sure what you mean by jail money pit. Republicans like to put people in jail and or fine them. Ferguson is an example of this. Republicans bankrupted this country under G.W. Bush, (can there be any dispute?). Yep on the red herrings. Obama is working on a peaceful agreement with Iran along with 5 other nations. You would rather we spend trillions of dollars and thousands of lives in a WAR?

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      • Larry, you are just pushing talking points, the corporate heads trying to work with Detroit could not find an honest Democrat to work with, Kwame was the last straw….Conyers is off in another world, he certainly is not helping Detroit. Detroit is lucky to have Illich and Compuware, no one else is crazy enough to invest in Detroit. I have a warehouse in Detroit. There is so much Demcratic corruption, I could go years without paying the city, just give it to the elected Dems and let them do the favors. I needed a burned out apt building razed, it was next to my warehouse. Our civic association (Barton McFarland) went through city channels for years and got nowhere. Finally, I called in a favor, and councilman Brown got it torn down in 2 weeks, again, the Dems are running the show, and it is not by the rules. The results tell the tale, the Democrats are elected to do a job, run the city, run Wayne county, and build a jail. In 60 years, they were in control, and they are responsible for the inept job that has been done. Honest folk would have been able to work with corporate officials, Coleman Young started the process and drove them away. I asked Young if I could fix my own sidewalk, he said “hands off, it’s the city’s job…trouble was, they never would fix it. It was easier to just move my main plant to the suburbs. Dems have put their own corrupt officials in jail, how many Kwame appointed officials from his football team have been canned? 100 or more?? The guys in charge of water, lighting, bus transport, the list goes on, and all are Dems. Sorry Dean, no Republicans for you to blame this time…. Duggan is the first hope for Detroit I have seen in awhile, but only after 60 yrs of Dems kicking the can down the road…

        Regarding spending, Bush spent 1.8 billion, Obama makes Bush look thrifty, and is approaching 19 billion, and he is not done yet. Regarding Obama and Iran, you actually believe that the Iranians want peace, with the second line in their charter calling for the destruction of Israel? Obama also believed what the North Koreans told him, that they were not working on nuclear weapons. What a surprise when N. Korea has set off 5 nuclear bombs so far… Obama is like a child, he is too trusting, and it will hurt our country if we let him do his own deals on the sly….why keep a deal secret? Give weapons to the Kurds and let them be the feet on the ground. Obama is supposed to be the ‘transparency’ president…..what a joke…..and Hilliary can’t even follow the rules for email….who knows what she has deleted??? Democrats have trashed Detroit, and Obama is trashing the country. Time for a change……


    • Republicans see that Obama is still blaming Bush after 7 years of being in office. If folk somehow see that the Dem way is the wrong way, that being demure and apologetic is not how you deal with Iran, and someone like Walker, who balanced his state’s budget, and brought freedom to all union workers by giving them a choice to belong to a union, or not, if Walker is elected president, is is OK for him to blame Obama for the next 7 years and counting??? especially for the fiasco which is Obamacare…….


      • Walker is a Koch brothers puppet. Comparing Wisconsin’s miserable economy to Minnesota’s should be enough to convince even the blind of the ignorance of his ways.
        And lastly you may want to temper your hatred for Obama a bit, you may not have any left for Hillary for the next 8 years.
        Have a nice day.


      • Lee, I have no knowledge of the corporate heads trying to work with Detroit. You apparently do being a corporate head. I fully understand your support of Republicans. They do work to make America a better place for corporations and their heads. The fact that corporations and their heads prosper at the expense of the middle class is of no concern to you and those of your class.
        Personally, my goal is economic and social justice for all.
        Spending? “Obama’s budget: Spending Too High, But Bush Was Worse.” This from the Cato Institute a right wing think tank.
        I believe Iranians like all people of this world just want to get on with their lives. It is only the War profiteers that want WAR. There is a small group in both Iran and America that want WAR. Profits galore for those few. Suffering for the masses.
        I do not have any proof that N. Korea told Obama anything, this possibly could be some bs from Fox or another right wing fictional source.
        And your Obama trashing continues, remember I suggested you temper your hatred, Hillary is on the horizon just awaiting your rancor.
        Would you like me to provide you a list of Republicans that have used private email? G.W. Bush heads the list.
        In just six short years the Republicans have brought Michigan to near bankruptcy. Over 500 million budget shortfall next year. Similar results in Republican controlled states throughout the nation.
        Actually my blog was addressed to folks like me, folks that struggle to maintain a standard of living. A struggle brought on by union busting Republicans. A struggle brought on by increased cost of education for our children.
        You being a corporate head would not know about those things. So naturally you would support Republicans and their pro-corporate philosophy.


      • Larry, I am not a corporate head, I am just a small businessman. Apparently you have the misconception that anyone who owns a business is a millionaire, and a Republican. Without business owners, who would employ the middle class that you are talking about? Regarding benefiting from employees, of course I benefit the most, or lose the most, since I am taking all the risk, and making all the investments. Do you expect an employee to share in the losses.??…hardly, they don’t want any part of that. However, if I have a great idea, and make a profit, well, somehow you think that is different, that everyone should share equally in profits, when I am assuming all the risk, and losses when an idea does not pan out.

        Larry, you should try running a business sometime, and see what reality is. It is comfy for you to retreat to your position of equality and social justice for all, yet you fail to realize that each of us is responsible for our own decisions and risks in life, and , if someone would rather lay on the couch and watch TV, well, why should they get the same share that someone else is working their butt off for?
        Folks with more ideas and the motivation to develop them should be rewarded more that the guy who tries, in his mind, equally hard to get out of bed every day, and sometimes does not succeed. It is not anyones fault. It is human nature. We all can’t be equal. Some of us want more out of life, in different ways, than others, and those are variables that can’t be plugged into “equality and social justice for all” . America is unique in that someone can start with nothing, and become rich, if one is willing to work for it and take the necessary risks…. What risks have you taken lately Larry???

        Regarding unions, why should I pay to belong to a union that only seems to protect the inept employees, the ones who are constantly late or messing up? I worked on the Ford main assembly line, Wayne plant, and what I witnessed employees doing would not inspire anyone to buy a Ford. I was in the union, a relief man, Quality inspector, fork lift operator, unloaded trucks and rail cars, installed seals in doors, and finally was the truck dispatcher for the West dock, dealing with 40 truckers a day, all wanting to get unloaded, all with critical parts needed to keep the line runnig. Any time a supervisor helped out, someone from the union would file a complaint. Now, in both MI and WI, if you feel you need a union, no one is stopping you, and if you don’t want the union, you are not forced to join, and have your dues (which 90% go to Dems) automatically taken out of your paycheck. The unions had their glory days, but now they are redundant. They cost taxpayers money. Companies like mine now pay better than union dues, and, if an employee has a problem that just can’t get fixed, they can always ‘Call Sam’ and not pay a dime. Right now, most union folk are govt employees. That is a scary scenario. How so? The unions contribute to the Dem candidates in Wayne county running for school board. They win. Time for the school board to negotiate with the teacher’s unions for contracts. An obvious conflict of interest, don’t you agree???

        Hillary is a joke…..Bengazi will be her Waterloo……inept responses, come on, blame the attack on a movie via youtube??? Four Americans died due to inaction on her and Obama’s part, and we still don’t know all the details…….. Why does Obama have such a hard time saying the ‘Terrorist’ word????


      • What is Obama “blaming” Bush for? Regardless, he deserves all the blame that can be piled on for the utter disaster he oversaw… Or what, you think causing 15 years of unending war and breaking the world economy is a good thing? And let’s not forget this little nugget: what didn’t Iran have in 2000, but did have in 2008? A fully functioning atomic program. Mission Accomplish!

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  1. I wouldn’t blame Obama. I would blame the Koch brothers and the military-industrial complex that owns our government and brainwashes the public via Fox News to vote against their own self interest by using the Tea Party to warp their world view. It is the best government money can by. A perfect example of the “Golden Rule”: “Them that has the gold, write the rules.” Or as my high school social studies teacher Myron Feinstein always like to say: “money talks, B.S. walks and we are all running a close third.”

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    • Larry, owning a business, and the independence it can bring, is a dream for many people. Not everyone is equal to the task. There are many paths to this dream, and much of it depends on planning, education (bus & eng deg), motivation, and some luck. A few are fortunate to inherit a profitable company, and we both travel the same negative path in that regard. However, one can take a small one person unprofitable company, for little or no money, and go in a different direction with an idea, a business model, using the resources of friends and family, and years of patience, and succeed, even out of your garage. Bill Gates did it, so did Jobs with Apple, Ebay, Disney with Mickey, and even Henry Ford built a car using his garage. Ford went broke twice before finally succeeding. We all know of the “be your own boss’ scams that have you sell health drinks etc, or do the Amway pyramid scheme, earning by having others sell for you. Ebay is a legit way do have your own little business, buy stuff you know is a good deal at garage sales or flea markets, then sell for a profit on ebay.
      I enjoy making parts. I didn’t make a profit for almost 15 years, manufacturing OEM auto parts out of a 500 sq ft flower shop. You mention not meeting anticipated growth projections, and a large family were instrumental in not continuing your business. Those are choices that you made. I chose business and financial security first, then marry and raise a family. When I worked on the main assy line at Ford, we were making the big bucks, but many said it was only until they save enough to go to school, to do their own pursuits, but many of those folk did as you chose, got married, had kids, and lost the nerve to make the sacrifices and risks needed to succeed in business. They had a good paying job in hand, and some, like you, went to salary and did even better, but they gave up their independence, they worked for someone else.

      Interesting that Ford, unlike GM and Chrysler who declared and filed for bankruptcy, survived under Obama. Do you think the Ford CEO who make those choices didn’t earn his money?? All the bond holders for GM lost everything, since Obama changed the rules which dictated that the bond holders security , the plants and equipment, could not be liquidated to pay the bond holders back. Losing hours or your job is nothing compared to losing, for many, your life savings, invested in bonds, in a company that was safe, ‘the largest company in the world’. Obama should have let GM go bankrupt according to the law, so that the losses were not concentrated to just one investment sector, the bondholders. As you relate, the risk should be shared among everyone, including the employees…

      Regarding healthcare insurance, pensions, profit sharing, those areas have changed dramatically over the years due to liability issues, mostly to the sponsoring companies, including my company. Due to complaints on low returns, I cancelled all pension and profit sharing plans years ago and went the 401K route, since employees felt that a 20% return was not enough. My take, let’s see if they can do better managing their own 401ks…..turns out , looking at your returns, you would have been happy with 20%. That is why we have freedom of choice, and why some may regret not sticking with the union and paying dues, but , then again, they can always rejoin, right?

      GM and other companies always are in the news when they make ‘massive profits’ , but we never seem to care when they have massive losses, when no one wanted to buy american cars, and those massive profits have to cover those losses in the long run, or they go bankrupt again. We hear of the massive profits of the oil companies, but few know that those companies survey and find the oil, drill, refine, and ships wholesale to dealers making a 4-6% profit. The govt skims 18% off the wholesale price in taxes, and no one complains about massive govt gasoline taxes. At $2 a gallon, that is 36 cents to the govt for doing nothing but sticking it’s hand out vs 12 cents for the folk who did all the work.

      Losses due to inept planning and spending, that is Wayne County Democratic winner Evans problem, how to pay the bills when his Dem predecessors put him in such a deep financial hole……Detroit went bankrupt, Evans shrugs, and says, “Oh well”. Try using that statement to explain why the County employees will be missing a paycheck soon. The risks were not taken by the county employees, only to the extent that they trusted their Wayne county Dem leaders to make viable decisions, which they failed to do.

      Obamacare is another page or two, but let’s just keep it brief and say, in the old system, I paid B/C 100%, no deductible, for my employees. Everyone was happy. With Obamacare, and the exchanges, that will change to contributing some for healthcare as a bonus, and letting them choose what plan they want from the exchanges, keeping in mind that the average deductible plan, bronze , silver, platimum, is $5500 or more, and that is what you have to pay out of pocket before collecting dime one for the Obamacare healthcare that you are paying for. The amount one pays for the Obamacare plan depending of course on what one earns….middle class paying more of course to cover the heathcare for as you adroitly phrase it, “to provide social justice and equality for all”, which means, why sign up for healthcare at all? Just pay a small fine, wait unitl one gets sick, can’t be denied coverage for being sick, and then get care, if you can find a doctor available to see you.

      The ones who have invested wisely, not the folks who could not take advantage of the rise in the stock market since many of them are still looking for jobs, and collecting food stamps via Obama , shown by the result of food stamps being issued in record numbers, the folks who can afford healthcare beyond Obamacare will make arrangements , like with a retainer with a lawyer, to see the doctor of their choice with out waiting, and skip the massive months of waiting that we see in England, Canada, and other countries with socialized healthcare. Australia has done this already, the Public heathcare system for those too poor to afford the Private heathcare system rates, the tradeoff being waiting times. One can be at peace knowing they died waiting but their healthcare was free.

      There are some easy ways to fix healthcare, but , as you have related, this is enough for now, and hopefully has given you something to consider. I have not even gotten into the massive costs Obamacare has introduced into the businss model yet, but at least the govt has not mandated that companies must provide heathcare, that leaves me free to manufacture parts, and leave the healthcare to the choice of the employees and the Obamacare exchanges, which , in 2015 , should be going into effect. As a side note, how has the govt run Veteran’s hospitals been doing lately? Remember the 2 month and longer waiting scandals, and vets dying while on a ‘wait’ list. That system is only 700,000 folks, the individuals are only 15 million folks, the healthcare via companies is massive, and just beginning…. Expect a mess, and right at election time, which is one reason Obama changed the law and enacted delays to try and salvage 2014, not going to happen for 2016, where Republicans can finally fix a sinking ship, and stop Iran from nuking the USA, if Israel doesn’t pull the trigger first. Most Muslims are peaceful, but then again, most gun owners are responsible. It is the crazy ones you have to worry about……and Iran is crazy, and should not possess a nuclear gun……


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