Politically Correct?

The language currently spoken by most Americans has a self-imposed governor installed.
That is; is it politically correct to use that word or phrase?
Last night’s Larry Wilmore show had a list of 20-30 words from the University Of Michigan that were defined as being politically incorrect.
They will not be listed here, most have to do with race, ethnicity or sexual orientation, some with physical or mental conditions.
For me the two biggies have been the F-bomb and the N-word.
The N-word has always been considered to be an offensive word to me. Not the word, but the connotation it delivers. Further complicating this word is the connotation being dependent upon who uses it.

The Frat boy thugs that were recorded chanting this word and phrases were not being politically correct. they were being racist and should be punished for their actions. No excuses, no absolution. Oh they are just boys being boys. They exhibited racism at its lowest.

The F-bomb has become so common in today’s vernacular that it has lost its luster and or shock value. I am expecting, any day now, to have the young lady at the counter to ask me, “You want “effin” fries with that?”
A white, Republican, guest on the show, stated all this political correctness came from the “libruls” and is disgusting. We should all be allowed to say what we want when we want. (Is the misspelling of liberals politically correct here?)
In the broadest sense, I agree with this white Republican. We do not need word police in America. Let everyone say what they want and let their words speak for them. If you or I do not like the words we are hearing, we have options. We can tell the speaker so, we can close our ears/minds to what we are hearing or we could even make it a point to avoid contact with the offensive person again.
And speaking of word police brings me to the next concern here. Florida’s Republican Governor Rick Scott has banned the use of both “climate change” and “global warming” among government employees. Keeping in mind that the phrase climate change was provided by Republican wordsmith Frank Luntz, this banning implies another level of ignorance from Scott.

Ya’ll have a fine day now!


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