A Few Thoughts This Morning

First, Netanyahu, the right wing war profiteer won the election in Israel. He did so by using a play right out of the American Republican’s play book. Racist fear mongering. “They are bussing Arabs to the polls.”

Next thought. The mega churches are a shame. Joel Osteen has a 10.5 million dollar home in Texas. Pastor Creflo A. Dollar has just asked for donations for a super jet. And there are others in this group.

These characters are preying on the poor and the suffering. Offering them some sort of salvation in return for their grocery money. This is disgusting to me and I urge you to join me in complaining to the world about this.

Third thought is a warning to all. The pictured person below has been spotted lurking around mailboxes of seniors in America. It has been suggested he is doing so in an attempt to steal their Social Security checks. Beware and keep your eyes open looking for this guy.

The next picture is of a guy rumored to have been working, much like a pastor mentioned above, in getting the masses to pay additional taxes on their heat bills and all other needed expenses in order to protect the wealth of the few and the mighty.

This person should also be viewed with skepticism and fear.
See ya all soon.


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