Indiana Governor Pence signs anti-gay law

More to this story than meets the eye. Pence is in contact with Iran in an effort to make it illegal to be gay in Indiana. He is seeking a way to make it similar to Iran’s law declaring homosexuality a crime punishable with the death penalty.
Pence is hoping getting this legislation in force will give Indiana a chance at catching Texas as the state holding the record for killing the most of its own citizens.
A lofty goal for the good people of Indiana don’t you think?
Republican governors from Kansas, Ohio, Michigan, Florida and Wisconsin have expressed their support for Pence, and are hoping to get similar laws passed in their states.
CNN coverage of Indiana’s new anti-gay law.
Off to the Keys, have a good week my friends.


9 thoughts on “Indiana Governor Pence signs anti-gay law

  1. They are anti-Islam when it’s a matter of Bible versus Quran. They are pro-Islam when it is a matter of cruel and unusual punishments that a lot of Muslims don’t want to be implemented anyway.

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  2. I also wonder if what they think about the treatment of Bahais and other religious minorities in Iran. Religious minorities? No not the Christians in Iran, I mean, you know, all the religious minorities that God doesn’t give a crap about because he only created them to toy with them, like a cat with a mouse.

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    • America is not terrified of homosexuals. A small group of religious fanatics are pulling the reins of elected officials. Fanatics not unlike the Muslim fanatics in the mid-east. Hopefully America will wake up and smell the stench being put out by fanatical Christians and put a stop to it.

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      • My tongue was in my cheek. Of course America isn’t terrified by homosexuals. If I lived in America, the only horror would be those fundamentalist puppet masters – they have far too much power. If America has any hope, people ought to wake up soon. 🙂


      • I firmly believe all these shenanigans are backlash because people are afraid of what the future might hold. The world is going bat shit so people cling to whatever semblance of perceived morality they can find. Sigh 🙂

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