A weeping heart

Sitting here watching a 17 year old lad agonize over the fact that someone put his coke back in the refrigerator. “She touched it and now it is full of germs.” This followed by slurred profanities and a refusal to listen to anyone. 

Then going into a closet and continuing with moans of disgust, anger and frustration with not being able to handle the situation. 

Finally after washing his hands a few times mom settles him enough to sit down and eat a sandwich she served him with a fresh can of coke.

He sits alone at the table quietly eating  the sandwich. Now he gets up to re-wash his hands, drying them with a clean towel from the drawer. 

He has eaten enough and will now watch cartoons on his phone. All will be well, until the next time he crashes. 

Now I ask you, where is your God? Why must this lad suffer so? He did not ask to come into this world afflicted as he is. 

My heart weeps for this lad and all the other lads and lassies in the world that must spend their lives experiencing bursts of pain and suffering. 


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