The Pet Rock

A fad from the 1970s came about when a California advertising man (Gary Dahl) came up with the idea after a conversation with friends dealing with the difficulty of owning pets.
When I first heard of it my thoughts were: “what a brilliant marketing ploy. Somebody has come up with an item so stupid the masses will make him rich.” I also thought I would not spend a nickel buying one of those things.
Well lo and behold Mr. Dahl did become an instant millionaire from this silly idea. And I did receive one as a gift.
It sat on my dresser for a while and eventually disappeared. Did it run away for lack of attention? We will never know, but it is gone.

This memory was brought to my attention by a lifelong friend when discussing the stupidity involved in the recent Indiana law making it legal to discriminate against gays.

The dust has settled a bit on this fiasco with Indiana adjusting the law after their eyes were opened. Opened not to the ignorance of the law, but rather to the possible economic consequences of the law.

Speaking of economic consequences of the law, a small pizza shop in Indiana was forced to shut down after coming out in support of the law. But a go fund me account was set up in their support and they are now close to becoming instant millionaires.

Still more pet rocks to sell for sure.
Never underestimate the gullibility of Americans.
Think about it my friends, think about it.
Link to detailed history of the pet rock…..


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