Time for a Sea Change in American Law Enforcement?

This shooting, killing and brutality has to stop.
Hardly a day goes by without another video of police officers doing some form of brutality popping up, either on the web or less frequently on the corporate controlled media.
Has the culture of police reached a point of no return?

Some years back in a neighborhood watch meeting a local police officer was instructing us on how to deal with a would be breaking and entering. He suggested we take our gun, point it at the baseboard in a room and fire a warning shot followed by a shot at the suspect. He then jokingly said, the warning shot can be made either before or after you shoot the burglar.
Personally, the humor escaped me.

Have our police become so hardened that violence is their first reply to a confrontational experience?
Or even worse, have they been trained to act with such violence in these situations?
I don’t know, but it may be time to begin ridding our police of their current forces and replenish them with officers who are trained to only use force as a last resort. Officers who are trained to serve and protect ALL the citizens of our communities.

Maybe it is not just the police, maybe it is time for a sea change in American culture. We are also being inundated with common citizens shooting and killing each other on an almost daily basis.

Remembering an America where unlocked doors and an unarmed citizenry were the norm makes me long for the “good old days”.
What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Time for a Sea Change in American Law Enforcement?

  1. There has been a rise in extreme cruelty and torture in society, terrible acts of cruelty towards defenseless children and animals as well as an exponential increase in police and military brutality. I think that our permissive gun laws as well as our permissiveness toward depictions of cruelty in the media and in games have hardened us toward seeing others’ humanity. This is hardly an original observation. But the discarding of laws which protect the weak and society in general are a large part of the cause, I think. Some say that it has always been like this and only our extensive media coverage is now revealing what always was. i don’t think so. I keep coming back to a recent phenomenon which I believe is a large part of the cause. It’s called by the prosaic name, “regulatory capture” (See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regulatory_capture) and I think that it was the beginning of the domino effect which we now see throughout our society. Another commonplace term for it is “dog eat dog.” When or if it will end is anybody’s guess.


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