And my Friend from the North shares her view

Notestoponder, a blogger from Vancouver, has posted in her blog an opinion piece regarding Hillary Clinton’s run for the presidency of the United States.
In reading her blog it appears she considers Hillary to be too boring to be a viable candidate. She is inspired by Elizabeth Warren, a true breath of fresh air.
Hillary is just a replay of days gone by. Nothing inspirational here.

IMHO Hillary is the only chance the Democrats have of winning the White House. She is pragmatic, she knows that in order to win she must have the support of “big” money including Wall Street money.

The Democratic Party has failed in their efforts at delivering a message to the voters that inspires them to get out and vote. This is evident in the results of the last few elections. Republicans came out in numbers significant enough to win numerous races.

The Democrats won the presidency because they had a gimmick, a black candidate. In the upcoming election they will need another gimmick, say a female candidate.

Personally, I think Hillary is further left than she lets on, she did try to get national health care when she was first lady.

Elizabeth Warren has the correct ideas regarding income inequality and I support her fully in her efforts to help the middle class and lower income people in America. However she does not have what it takes to win a national campaign in experience and skill. YET!

I also like Bernie Sanders but his “socialist” tag would be his albatross.
So, while I agree to some extant with Notestoponder, Hillary is boring and just another pawn of the Oligarchs. I do think she is the Democratic Parties only chance of holding the White House.

Ah what a shame, again the lesser of two evils gets my vote.

Link to Notestoponder’s blog here…..

Special note to notes, I hope i have not misinterpreted your blog. If so I apologize. 🙂


8 thoughts on “And my Friend from the North shares her view

      • At this point, I have really given up on this country. Between the corporate takeover and the massive public apathy I see no hope. It will take something monumental to move people to action – move them to come out from in from in front of their TV’s, smart phones, games. Maybe letting it get as bad as where it is inevitable heading toward is what it takes to wake people up. I’ve tried to talk calmly and sensibly to various right- wingers and they become hysterical. There’s been a takeover of craziness that is beyond my ability to understand. The same thing is happening in the UK on a smaller scale. The UKIP faction over there is their version of our tea party. This conundrum has me feeling like I’m throwing myself against a wall hoping that it will turn into a door. It won’t. Calling Hillary a choice in not a door. It’s another wall.

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    • Our local sheriff has on more than one occasion bragged about the property he has seized from drug dealers. Not sure what the law is in Michigan and not sure if these seizures were morally correct. Will do some investigating.


  1. Notes doesn’t feel misrepresented in the slightest. I agree with your opinion that Hilary likely stands a better chance than Warren – IMO any hope of shutting out Republicans is better than risking defeat. I still think she’s boring 🙂 Sigh.


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