A suggestion for my friends in the Green Party

This is not the suggestion, just a picture to keep the youtube video embedded. 🙂

First, a wee bit of background.
The two party system in American politics has a lock on our government. This comes from various reasons, possibly the greatest being money.
At this point a round of “Money makes the world go round the world go round” would be fitting, if you care to join me. 😉

There that feels better, now back to some facts.

There are states in this union where it is virtually impossible to get on the ballot for president as a third party candidate.
Main stream media supports the two party system and cracking that lock to get any coverage is also nearly impossible.
Based on these few facts this is my suggestion.

What about sacrificing just a bit of our purity and joining the Democrats and using our efforts to pull/drag/push the party in your direction?

Go to the local monthly meetings, get involved spend a few bucks and become a dues paying member. Really get involved, volunteer for committees and voice your opinions.
Do not expect an overnight change in the parties goals and efforts but, do look forward to a hard left turn in the near future because of your efforts.

You can and will do more to promote your desires this way than standing on the outside shouting and fussing.
If you are still not convinced, think for a moment about how the tea party has dragged the Republicans so far to the right that some of them are scared.
This message is not just for Green Party folk but for all Progressives that feel the Democratic Party is too far right for their liking.
You can make a difference from within, just do it!


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