American Workers Continue to Struggle

As it is well known the United States has outsourced most, if not all manufacturing jobs, in pursuit of lower wages and increased corporate profits.
In addition to this, there is resistance to America’s primary economic stimulus program… WAR!
This has led to a declining economy that has had adverse results for middle class workers. Albeit the extremely wealthy are doing well.
America now relies on minimum wage workers to carry the load and keep the economy rolling along.
Learned economic leaders have recognized this condition and have instituted a new program designed to keep our economy robust and vibrant.
America has embarked on a new money generator. Namely, perpetual political campaigns.
This activity shows promise for various reasons. The corporate controlled main stream makes enormous profits from political advertising, both obvious and hidden ads by secret groups are profit cows.
This also gives billionaires another way to play with their money. Currently they just buy professional sports teams and have taxpayers build them stadiums.
The billionaires can now also buy their own politicians, and again, the taxpayers pay the bills.
China’s slave labor may be the best source for our I-Phones but for good old corruption and greed you cannot beat America’s oligarchs.


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