Koch Brothers Now Interviewing Prospects for President

It is now public knowledge that these two Libertarian/John Birchers are interviewing candidates for their appointment to the presidency of the United States.
They have already stated their preference of Scott Walker. He is a good puppet and follows rules dutifully as he has shown us in Wisconsin.
But to be fair they have opened their doors to other potential candidates.
Criteria for selection include a willingness to eliminate Social Security and Medicare. This is in line with the brothers training as baby John Birchers.
Elimination of taxes for wealthy folks would be a plus for any possible candidate, so keep this in mind if you are considering applying.
Another topic they favor is climate change deniers. Science be dammed, we want more profits.
Social issues are not really important but anything anti-gay will be a plus on your resume as a vote getter.
Like I said, Walker has the inside track here but, if you can tastefully express hate for any and all minorities and/or poor people, you may be able to get a hearing.
Competition is expected to be fierce so apply now for the $900 million prize.
Thank you for reading and please reply if you have made an appointment with the brothers.


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