Occupy Wall Street and Tea Party folks

The time has come to join forces.
From the small state of Vermont has risen a man that will provide you with the goals you have struggled for all these years.
Senator Bernie Sanders has spoken against the evils of Wall Street throughout his career. He is the man that will provide us with a government that works for the common man/woman not just for the moneyed oligarchs.
America has not seen the good that comes from a man of Sanders values since the days of the Roosevelts. Both Teddy, a Republican, and Franklin, a Democrat, were presidents for all the people.
The time has come to regain those days of growing prosperity for the common folk.
Senator Sanders has his sling, it is up to us to help him collect the rocks from the riverbed to slay the mighty Goliath he is up against.
We can all help by going here…..
Join in and gain your country back. Do it now, and then enjoy the rest of your life.


4 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street and Tea Party folks

  1. It is time to rise up and speak truth to power. Circulate Bernie Sanders nominating petitions in your state, circulate your nominating petition to get on the ballot in the Primary in 2016 as a Sanders delegate to the Democratic National Convention. He needs your time, your talents, your tenacity and your treasure. Give’em hell Bernie!


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