Tom Brady to appeal verdict and other stuff in the news (TPP)

The NFL has found Brady and the Patriots guilty of, as John Oliver put it, playing catch with mom’s old leather bags.
Brady is expected to appeal his 4 game suspension. This action reminds me of Alex Rodriguez’s suit against major league baseball. And makes me wonder what causes these millionaires to be so greedy that they feel they have to cheat?

In other news President Obama was rebuked in his efforts at fast tracking the TPP. This came from senate Democrats.
While I have supported Obama and even praised him for his accomplishments in light of the obstructionism demonstrated by the Republicans controlling the legislative branch of government, in this case my sentiments are with Senator Sanders and those in opposition to this agreement.

This agreement may be good for corporations both national and international, but it is now time to consider what is good for the people.

Michigan’s Republican leaders opted for what is good for corporations six years ago when they gained control of the state and the results have been dismal.
Michigan has failing cities, failing school systems, crumbling infrastructure and an expected $350 million budget deficit in the coming year.

The TPP has the additional fault of giving corporations the power to sue governments. I for one do not want international corporations having that much power over the United States.

Links below explain these powers.

Go here for more on Brady story….

Go here to support Senator Sanders in his efforts to stop TPP.


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