Who is going to cut the grass?

A few years back, while driving home from a round of golf, my neighbor asked me a question. “Larry, do you ever wonder or worry about what is going to happen to your yard; your shrubs and flower gardens after you die? Is anybody going to take care of it or are they just going to let it go to seed and weed?”
Taken aback a bit by this question I paused for a moment before responding. “Hell no. When I am dead and gone, I am dead and gone.”
This response either satisfied him or shocked him, as he fell silent.
This conversation had left me.
It was brought out of the cobwebs of my mind recently when conversing with an evangelical. He said something along the lines of “nowhere in the bible does it say we should reduce the suffering of others in this life.”
He obviously only reads the parts in the bible that he likes, but I digress.
My interpretation of this is: he believes we all must accept the suffering in this life for the rewards expected in some other life.

Don’t know about you but, I think this would be a better world for all if we spent less time and energy working on life after death and spent more time and energy working on life before death.

Now, it is bright and sunny, i have to get outside and cut the grass.


One thought on “Who is going to cut the grass?

  1. Simply and well said! If Christians really followed Jesus they would be working to feed the poor, heal the sick, and trying to talk rich people into giving their money away so they could get into Heaven. Instead they are worrying about “who’s gonna cut the lawn when I’m gone.” Damn, there is a country music lyric there!

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