Swiss Bank, UBS ready to settle

cashTESTSwiss Bank UBS is ready to pay a fine of 500 million dollars as a settlement in their manipulation of currency exchange rates.
UBS worked with JP Morgan, Citigroup, Britain’s Barclays and Royal Bank of Scotland in this highly profitable scam.
They will be sharing the fine with their customers, expect higher fees my friends.
“I believe the officers, and, especially, the directors, of corporations should be held personally responsible when any corporation breaks the law.”
Theodore Roosevelt

This law breaking by corporations will stop when we start jailing the thugs responsible.
Think about it my friends, and raise hell with your elected officials to put a stop to this type of activity.


2 thoughts on “Swiss Bank, UBS ready to settle

  1. When I lived overseas, I used Britain’s Barclay’s for my checking & banking needs. I had a big dust up with them several times when they did not follow my money transfer directions and claimed that my directions were “wrongly diarized.” Interest was lost as a result. My opinion of their integrity could not be lower. I’ve had problems with Wells Fargo & Citibank too. Banks in general are con artists. I prefer Co-ops wherever possible.

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  2. Using Teddy Roosevelt, who killed over 200 animals, including lions, tigers, Hippos, etc as trophies, in just one safari hunt, using him as a person to advise business morality is a joke…..


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