Social Security and Nationalism

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Voices from the Margins

Carol A. Hand

As “Independence Day” approaches, I am reminded of a discussion I had with students in an undergraduate social welfare policy course I was teaching in a prairie-state university. The topic for the day was the Social Security Act. As I thought about the class, I couldn’t tune out the context. The year was 2002. The U.S. was poised to invade Iraq with the flimsiest of excuses.

“In October 2002, the U.S. Congress passed a “Joint Resolution to Authorize the Use of United States Armed Forces Against Iraq“.”

People’s lives and the futures hung in the balance.

historical policy shifts

Slide – C.A. Hand – American Social Welfare Policy PowerPoint – April 23, 2014

It’s clear that wars have always deflected the attention of the nation from the needs of people, providing an excuse to decimate the grudgingly created and almost always inadequate social safety net in…

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One thought on “Social Security and Nationalism

  1. Taking down the twin towers is not exactly a ‘flimsy excuse’ to come to the aid of our allies, and let’s not forget that Congress was informed and gave the ‘thumbs up’, both Republicans and Democrats, to invade Iraq. Our current president Obama can’t bow low or fast enough….and actually believes Iran will not continue work on the Nuclear bomb…he still must be toking the stuff from High School….Time for Trump to step on a few toes….


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