Urban Police Forces in America need a renewal

Not a day goes by without another story about a white cop treating an African-American with total disrespect. Frequently resulting in a brutal beating of the citizen and occasionally resulting in death.
These officers leave their lily white suburban homes every day and enter the cities to police the “savages” within. This has to stop and it has to stop now.
We are not talking about the occasional “bad apple”, we are talking about all the apples. The good apples have either been spoiled already or have been indoctrinated to stay true to the blue in all matters.
A communities’ police force must represent the community. The people must be allowed to police themselves.
Current officers should be reassigned to sit in lawn chairs with assault rifles guarding recruitment sites or perhaps movie theaters. Any that have enough time should be OFFERED an early retirement.
Hire and train new officers from within the neighborhoods they will be policing, only then will we be able to trust the police again.
As it stands the current police are merely the foot soldiers of the oligarchs in control. Proven by their reaction to Occupy Wall Street versus their reaction to armed people having them in their sites during the Cliven Bundy incident.
Political revolution is coming to America. Enjoy!


17 thoughts on “Urban Police Forces in America need a renewal

  1. This is so very true, Larry.

    At Tienanmen Square the powers that be were fearful local Beijing troops would not be prepared to use force against the student protesters. They withdrew local battalions and replaced them with soldiers from bases far removed from Beijing. It worked, although one commander (of 116th Division, 39th Army) did refuse to march on the people. I hate to think what happened to him.


  2. Lots of black officers shoot and kill black crooks, yet we never hear about them….the liberal news is focused on one subject, white cops killing black crooks. Again, no Mother should have to FEAR for her son’s life every time he robs a store. Trump will fix the country, starting with fixing the borders….


  3. The suggestion was made that officers be hired from the black neighborhoods to patrol the city, Hello, anyone home?? that is already been done. It is rather difficult to find qualified applicants as so few applicants to the police academy have even the basic skills of reading and writing their name, should we do more affirmative action and dumb down the police force some more?? Keep in mind that a large percentage of Detroit officers are already black….including the Police chief who I have met, and he is doing the best with what he is given…..

    I agree, go Bernie, so Trump will be a shoo-in…..


      • Bernie is just running for laughs, no one takes him seriously…..Trump will be the Republican candidate, with Ben Carson as his running mate to administer the needed brain transfusions and add a sense of tranquility….However, you don’t earn 10 billion without having plenty of moxie and smarts….ask Soros or the Koch brothers, who employ thousands of people throughout the world…and promote their political beliefs with a few bucks…..


      • Sure. Actually , Trump will go all the way, which will panic politicians on both sides, as all bets are off on ‘favors’ since Trump does not play that game. It will be followed up by investigations into Obama and Hillary’s ineptness which may lead to jail time….


      • So your thinking Trump will be in it to the end. I just heard he is seeking matching funds from the feds after which he will declare bankruptcy and drop out.


      • I just heard that Ben Carson has agreed to be the VP with Trump, so the press is doing all kinds of manipulating, probably none of it true. The last thing a politician wants is an honest candidate that can’t be bought by special interests….that makes Trump an enemy on both sides of the fence since he can’t be bought…..


      • Larry, the comment regarding Trump was that he was not beholden to any special interests, not pick and choose, like Bernie does with banks, but not so selective on others, such as saying dumb things like ‘black lives matter’ when we all know ‘ALL lives matter’. Bernie has no clue about negotiating deals, or whether someone is pulling the wool over his eyes…Trump will put him out to dry in a debate..


      • Preparation for tonight’s debate, Economic issues.

        Trump: Look at Janet Yellen’s face, is that a face you want heading the Federal Reserve?

        Carson: When i was a teenager I once thought about stabbing the head of the fed.

        Bush: Talking about money fills me with energy.

        Rubio: We must do something about the high cost of bottled water.


      • All extremely valid points no doubt! And let’s not forget preparations for the next Democratic debate, the issues unknown which is normal for them….

        Biden: young ladies need a (my) guiding hand….can I send Hillary an email via China and Russia on how to answer questions?

        Hillary: Will the questions be prepped beforehand like the last debate? Can we do another Bengazi video and email it?

        Bernie: Who will prep my hair? Can I have a wig like Hillary’s?
        Can I raise the take rate to 150% on the 1% folk? We need free money for the poor, right? No, they don’t have to work for it….

        Webb: What are the geographic coordinates of the debate….and the ‘scramble’ codes, oh…I won’t be there by the way….find another puppet.


      • Well it is now obvious the Republicans don’t like hard questions. Every time they get a hard question they cry media bias and whine without answering the question.


      • The media bias is obvious, Hilliary and Bernie were encouraged to do their scripted ’email love fest’ and , of course, questions were bland, nothing about Bengazi to Hillary regarding her mention of blaming videos to surviving relatives while at the same time telling Chelsea it was terrorists via email was too hard for the media to ask, but the Republicans brought that question to the front, and embarrassed the media to boot in this recent debate.. What were the media thinking, asking Trump about his ‘ comic book’ campaign, while Hillary smiles her way through her ineptness.?? Any one of the Republicans could defeat Hillary in a debate….she has no accomplishments….even as Secretary of State….can you name any???


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