Last Summer at the Pickle Festival in Pinconning Michigan

While attending this festival and wearing a Bernie Sanders t-shirt a senior gentleman asked me “Who is this Bernie fellow and what is he running for?”

I replied “He is running for President on the Democratic ticket.” He replied “Oh you mean that fellow from New Hampshire?” I paused for a moment not sure if i should correct him as to Bernie’s home state being Vermont, lovely wife piped in with, “Yes, are you going to vote for him?”

He responded with a quick and abrupt “No.” I just smiled and walked on.

Now fast forward to last week. Leaving the doctor’s office at Covenant Medical Center. 800 Cooper Avenue Saginaw, Michigan. Waiting for what must be the slowest elevator in the continental United States.  I was wearing the shirt pictured here.


The elevator doors opened and two senior folk, one man one woman looked at me and simultaneously said. “I like your shirt.” I smiled and said “thank you, I like it too”.

We are making progress….  join us at.

Thanks and carry on my friends, carry on!  🙂


Discussions with 50 something, white guy Republicans

Having a few friends that fill this criteria gives me a great deal of thought. My first thought is usually “how can these guys be so dumb?”.

But then I just accept the fact that these guys are not really dumb, just uneducated as to what is really going on in the world.

First case came about a few weeks ago when golfing with three of these dudes. We were on the 8th tee when they began talking about how a professional golfer had just won 2 million dollars in a tournament and complained about only getting about $800,000 after taxes. I could only hold my silence for so long and then said. “I would be more than happy to take the $800,000 for a week’s pay and he can have my paycheck in trade. Most likely not having to pay any taxes.”

Of these three, one maybe two have enough money to not rely on Social Security for retirement income. Not that any of them would forgo the income but, I am sure they could survive nicely without it.

But I did ask them how they can show so much concern for a professional golfer that makes 2 million dollars for a week’s work and consider a single mother to be a leach on society for receiving food stamps. They went silent on me and went back to discussing their tee shots.

Then Saturday evening while sharing a few barley pops with a few other gentlemen of the same age group I mentioned how Michigan’s Republicans were raising taxes and fees to repair our dismal roads. Adding for good measure, the national Republicans were working on taking away both Social Security and Medicare. Something they will be relying on sooner than they think.

This group did seem to agree with me as to the unfairness of raising taxes on gasoline that would have a more devastating effect on lower income folk than on the wealthy few. They also expressed dismay, or was it disbelief, at my statement regarding Social Security and Medicare? Hopefully they will do some searching on this matter and maybe, just maybe they will “see the light” and stop voting Republican.

One can only hope, and continue in the efforts at educating the unknowing.

Wish me luck. 😉

Lady shoots at suspects in Auburn Hills, Michigan

So this is the plan (Sarcasm)

47 year old woman shoots at suspected thieves in Auburn Hills Michigan.

This has led to some deep thought by Republicans, as follows:

This lady is obviously a “good guy/gal” with a gun.

Let’s provide all “good guys/gals” with guns.

Doing so will allow us to eliminate the need for police. Followed by an elimination of taxes paid for police forces.

Armed citizens will be trained to shoot anyone they decide is a crook. They will be trained to shoot to kill, this will decrease the need for prisons, another tax savings.

Of course with most suspects killed, the need for judges and courts will be lessened. again saving tax dollars.

Let’s do this.

Link to story….