ISIS is Winning This War!




Sweet little ladies now feel they must be packing heat in order to be safe.

FBI tells us. If we see something, say something.

Shades of the Soviet Union; neighbors squealing on neighbors, brothers on brothers, parents on children and children on parents.

Christian leaders telling their flock to arm themselves and eliminate Muslims. Jim Jones lives!

Elected government officials saying it is ok for terrorists to purchase assault weapons.

This is so very sad, this America we all used to feel safe in is now much like a mid-eastern country with daily shoot outs and knifings.

This condition brought on by corporate controlled main stream media and their compliance with the Oligarchs trying to scare us into insanity.

Based on what I am reading in social media, many have already been scared into that state of insanity.

And all so the Koch Brothers and their kind can increase their wealth.

Oh, what a sorry time we are living in.


5 thoughts on “WAKE UP AMERICA!

  1. I can only agree with the video. We have a mostly corrupt Congress and Supreme Court which makes any genuine changes next to impossible. I worry that people expect Bernie to work miracles, but he will not be able to overcome the gridlock which has been put in place in our government. The fear throughout society is palpable, and MSM, talk/hate radio fan the flames. I see so many parallels with the rise of fascism in Nazi Germany. The peoples’ response and approval to Trump and the other loonies running for president is frightening.


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