You Are Disposable!

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Was a participant in a group conversation with a young lady last night concerning her work and working conditions. She was sharing her disgust with her situation, low pay and what she considered rude treatment by management.

One of the group pointed out to her that she was a part time employee and the company did work around her school schedule. (also a college student) Not all businesses would do this.

She replied yes I appreciate that but, today I asked why they are working some people overtime and my hours are cut. Why can’t I get some of that time? Her supervisor told her she would be sent home because she is disposable.

Ouch! These words hurt me. This manager needs some training in human relations but, alas the manager has connections in high places in the company so the rude behavior will continue.


After a small bit of continued chatter, I said. “Jump up on the table, raise a clenched fist and shout out Union Now!” This brought silence from the group, all knowing this type of action would result in the young lady losing her job.

I then said hearing of this oppressive action against working people bothers me. It bothers me because it has become acceptable behavior in our country today.


Another acquaintance of mine recently told me the small shop he works in has recently instituted a rule regarding bathroom breaks. You have to ask permission to go to the bathroom and they have assigned routes to the bathroom from your work station.

The assigned routes he considers an insult but accepts it, the seeking permission bothers him. “Man if ya gotta pee, ya gotta pee, you can’t wait around for a supervisor’s permission” is how he put it.

Both of these events, the you are disposable and the ask permission to go to bathroom are true.

Workers in America are being reverted to a Kunta Kinte state of existence.

It is time to unite and take back our dignity.  Don’t just think about it, do something!



3 thoughts on “You Are Disposable!

  1. Yes company’s have little regard for their employees and that reason is most are part time and can be replaced. When wete a group of 5 office workers and it was tough. We went to union once they got involved we couldn’t be fired until the vote. Manager was harder on us expected us to preform to a tee. Like me I had to start taking notes and letters in shorthand in his office which I never did before when working. Lol. But anyways once union involved no firing. We finally voted we voted yes. We were unionized. I left was pregnant so the others reaped the benefit

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