Fifty Years Ago

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A young man was working for the state highway department. He was earning about $2 an hour.

He had a wife and three children. They were buying a house and had a car so they were not destitute but, they were more or less living hand to mouth.

Dad was paid twice a month, 1st and the 15th.

There came a time when mom, bless her heart, decided the kids were coming down with colds. This called for cold meds and vitamins.

This happened to be on about the 10th of the month. Dad had about $14 left in his checking account to last until payday.

Now this was before charge cards, so cash was it.

Mom went to drug store while dad was at work and bought $13 worth of vitamins, “kids need em.”

When dad got home from work she told him of her purchase.

Dad was upset but did not yell or anything ,he just told her “we have about a buck fifty to last us until payday”.

The family did all survive and went on to grow and prosper. 🙂


Dad remembers when working for the highway department the crews frequently left the garage and would stop at a restaurant for coffee and a donut for first break before proceeding to job site.

Dad also remembers occasionally not having 50 cents in his pocket for a coffee and a donut.

On these occasions dad would sit in truck and drink coffee from his thermos while smoking cigarettes.  Missed out on the morning bull session but life went on.


Recently Dad dropped off some money in a mailbox of a young couple that don’t have 50 cents for a coffee and a donut tomorrow morning. The money was in an envelope with a note. “Pay it forward”. No name no anything just the money and the note.

Dad feels better now and hopefully the young couple feel better also.


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