Hot Air Balloon Ride

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 11.15.39 AM


Sunday July 10, 2016

Only thing I had on my bucket list, a hot air balloon ride, was completed. Thanks to my son’s generosity.

Let me tell you it was exhilarating, the closest thing to an outer body experience I will probably ever have. Everyone should go on at least one hot air balloon ride before they die.

We gently lifted off and were floating through the sky in moments.

Four hundred feet in the air then 2500 feet in the air. Drifting slowly with the wind.


Looking down at the world…. above it all. Above all the suffering and grief that exists down there.


For about an hour we were free of everything, every grief and every stress that occupies our minds.

We saw the cars on the roads, the trains on the tracks, the deer in the fields and the miniature farms down below.

They all appeared to be toys, something we played with as children.

We passed over the national cemetery in Holly, Michigan. The cemetery our family recently interred Dad and Mom’s ashes.

Standing in the cemetery was an older gray haired man. He was pointing a camera up and snapping pictures of us as we floated by. We all waved joyfully and shouted hellos to him.

I said a silent hello to dad and mom as we floated by.

We floated on, touching the clouds in the sky and then dipping down to skim the water in ponds on the ground. We crossed tree tops close enough to pick leaves from the upper most branches.

A solitary bird flew up to check us out, quickly flying off after seeing we were no threat to his existence.

I did live stream most of the flight and if the link works you can join me in the flight here…

Enjoy the flight.


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