Black Lives Matter? All Lives Matter? No Lives Matter?


So I pull into the gas station.

On the other side of the pump island is a car driven by a black lady with a black male sitting in the passenger seat. Got out of my car and asked the lady if she had purchased her gas yet. She said no, appeared to be digging a card out of her wallet. I then asked her if it would be ok if I bought her gas today, did not want to offend her. She looked at me and replied with a quizzical grin, yes.

Not sure what thought went through her mind at the time, could have been anything from this crazy old white guy wants to pay for my gas to this has to be some kind of scam or sales pitch.

Regardless, I proceeded to the pump inserted my card and began pumping gas.


When completed the lady stepped out of car and reached out her hand to thank me. I shook her hand and said to her. “Miss, I want you to know why I did this… I did this because black lives matter.”

The smile spread across her face like a bright sun rise breaking through an early morning fog. She held out her hand again and repeated the thank you with an added God bless you.

I said you’re welcome and bless you also. Then went back to my car to get my own gas.

To me the warm smile and handshake was more than worth every dollar’s worth of gas I had pumped into her car.

Have no idea what went through her mind as she drove off, but I choose to think she drove off happy and looking forward to sharing an act of kindness with some other happily surprised citizen of the universe.  Not necessarily buying someone a tank of gas or even spending any money at all, just doing some unexpected kindness to a fellow inhabitant of this world we all try to live in.

Sharing this in full support of “Love trumps Hate” and in hoping you too will share some kindness today.


Carry on my friends, carry on.


8 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter? All Lives Matter? No Lives Matter?

    • Miss? started to use Mam but this lady appeared to be in her late 30s or early 40s. My limited experience suggests Mam is for more mature women. British language suggests this is used for one’s mother.


  1. I got momentary goosebumps reading this post, that in itself strikes me as absurdly surreal. I don’t honestly know how to articulate my reaction. Once upon a time I considered racial injustice a blight on America, bat shit irony festering under the surface of a nation professing to be greater than all the rest. Looking down from a cozy Canadian pillar, I was horrified by flagrant social and political disregard for civil rights in America. I believed my country better than that.
    My husband of 34 years is black. At first I didn’t understand his cautious apprehension around police officers, be it passing one on the street or driving through a routine “drinking driving” roadblock. Then it clicked – he was treated differently. More on this tomorrow once I figure out how to continue 🙂


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