Tom Brady to appeal verdict and other stuff in the news (TPP)

The NFL has found Brady and the Patriots guilty of, as John Oliver put it, playing catch with mom’s old leather bags.
Brady is expected to appeal his 4 game suspension. This action reminds me of Alex Rodriguez’s suit against major league baseball. And makes me wonder what causes these millionaires to be so greedy that they feel they have to cheat?

In other news President Obama was rebuked in his efforts at fast tracking the TPP. This came from senate Democrats.
While I have supported Obama and even praised him for his accomplishments in light of the obstructionism demonstrated by the Republicans controlling the legislative branch of government, in this case my sentiments are with Senator Sanders and those in opposition to this agreement.

This agreement may be good for corporations both national and international, but it is now time to consider what is good for the people.

Michigan’s Republican leaders opted for what is good for corporations six years ago when they gained control of the state and the results have been dismal.
Michigan has failing cities, failing school systems, crumbling infrastructure and an expected $350 million budget deficit in the coming year.

The TPP has the additional fault of giving corporations the power to sue governments. I for one do not want international corporations having that much power over the United States.

Links below explain these powers.

Go here for more on Brady story….

Go here to support Senator Sanders in his efforts to stop TPP.


True Story, The police and me

Some 20 odd years ago three black men and I went to Kenosha, Wisconsin for work. We worked at a GM foundry and were sent to one of our customers to deal with some quality problems they were having with our castings.
On our return trip I was driving along at or near the speed limit on I-69 just outside of Lansing, Mi. Off to the right on an on ramp to the expressway sat a state police car. The three men riding with me all spoke at once. “There’s a cop!” Their voices and their body language immediately told me they were becoming more and more tenser as we neared the interchange.
I silently smiled to myself. Having been stopped by the police more times than I remember or would even admit if asked, I saw no reason to slow down or take any other cautionary measures. We cruised on by the interchange with no problem and my travel mates let out a breath of relaxation.
This incident had left my mind almost immediately, but recent events and videos of police stopping minorities brought it back to the forefront of my thinking.
The fear expressed by my fellow travelers did indeed have a real to life base.
Do not read this as a condemnation of police. The large majority of police are decent humans and deserve our support in the risky jobs they perform daily.
There is however, a small minority that do not act as good citizens when it comes to treatment of minorities. These “bad apples” must be weeded out as a beginning step in improving race relations in this country.
When Barack Obama was elected President I naively thought this would be good for race relations in America. If a black man could be President, many would accept the fact that blacks are also “created equal” in this country. Facts show my naivety to be shining brightly, racism has gotten worse since Obama’s election with white supremacy and other hate groups multiplying extensively.
If we vote, we win! Do so!

Open letter to Senator McCain and other WAR mongers

CC. President Obama
One question haunts me regarding the current WAR in the mid-east.
Who is going to pay for this? Or, how are we going to pay for this?
We cannot afford to put it on our MasterCard© like we did the last ones.
We cannot tax the poor, welfare cheese only goes so far.
Please don’t tell me we are going to eliminate Social Security and/or Medicare. As a fixed income senior I rely on these paid for benefits.
How about we tax the rich? That is, after all, where the money is in our current economy.
So come Senator, man up and contact your cohorts in the U.S. House and tell them to get to work on a bill to tax the rich to pay for this war.
Failing to do so will just show the public that Republicans have no fiscal responsibility or even worse they are soft on terrorism.
Please let me know the course of action you are taking ASAP, thank you.


With the primaries in August and the mid-terms coming in November I try to steer clear of 2016 election predictions and talk. But this exchange piqued my interest.

I get a frequent email from a right winger complaining of something or other that President Obama did or did not do. Makes little difference what the incident was, if they can put a negative spin on it, they let it rip.

Today, I got one with a link showing 5 reasons that Hillary would not or could not run for president in 2016, titled “Good News for Americans.”

Normally I read these emails and just let them go but this one tickled my interest. I responded with this statement.

“Hillary is a corporatist and if she does not run for president that will indeed be good news for Americans.”

The sender then replied he was going to contact NSA as it appears someone has hacked my email.

“LOL.” Started my reply and I went on to say. “That is what happens when you let your preconceived opinions control your thoughts. I do not like Hillary, however, if she runs and wins the nomination for president under the Democratic Party, I will support her. The old lesser of two evils theory comes in play here. I cannot think of any candidate the Republicans could put up that would be less evil to us “common folk” than Hillary, so she would get my support.

After giving this some thought, I should have added this statement to my reply.

One thing I do like about Hillary, for some unknown reason the mere mention of her name seems to cause the hair on the back of the necks of tea party folk to stand up. (Those that have hair anyway.) Not sure if it is a natural misogynistic trait or something else, but they sure do get upset when Hillary is mentioned.

At times I think they may hate her even more than they hate Obama. But that may be wrong also, it may not be hatred, it may just be fear.

Think about it.



Anybody remember what those letters stand for? I first heard them in Econ 101 years back.
They stand for “There ain’t no free lunch.”
I bring this up today because I just received another email from a Obama hater. This email detailed how a Kenyan had just contacted the recipient with a prize notice about a winning lottery of umpteen million dollars. All that was required to collect the winnings was giving your bank account number and so on to the Kenyan.
And this was followed by a picture of President Obama wrapped in a robe symbolic of Kenyan tribal wear.
This picture carried the message of another “Kenyan” offering “free” healthcare for all. All one has to do is give up their social security number and so on.
While President Obama has not had my unflinching support, he is the President of the United States and this type of slander upsets me.
Secondly, anyone that thinks healthcare will be provided “free” to citizens of the world is either seriously confused or just trying to confuse others.
Again, there ain’t no free lunch. All health care is paid for in one manner or another. The big debate is how we are going to pay for it in America.
Prior to the ACA we paid for our health care using cash or paying insurance premiums. With insurance companies taking their profit off the top and hospitals charging $50 for an aspirin to defray the losses from indigent patients this proved to be an expensive way.
The ACA, while being a step in the right direction, still has the “for profit” insurance companies and hospitals involved and hopefully will be revised soon.
If we expect to have affordable health care for all, we must move in the direction of single payer or Medicare for all.
And yes, we will all be paying for this.

Dems Warn Obama

This may upset some of my Democratic friends but sometimes upsetting people is the only way to get their attention.

This has to do with the TPP aka the Trans-Pacific Partnership. This is a deal with 12 countries participating in a trade, said to be free trade. However the deal as a whole lacks transparency and many are fearful of the power being given to corporations in this deal.


“Like NAFTA, the TPP would empower foreign corporations to directly challenge the laws and regulations of a country before an international tribunal. Under other trade frameworks, like the World Trade Organization treaties, only nations themselves are permitted to bring trade cases before an international arbiter, meaning companies must first win support from a government before attacking a law. Exxon Mobil, Dow Chemical, Eli Lilly and other corporations have used NAFTA to attempt to overturn Canadian regulations regarding offshore oil drilling, fracking, pesticides, drug patents and other issues.

We have all heard of the slippery slope argument concerning an erosion of powers, in this case it appears the powers of corporations are being increased. Resulting in the decreased powers of the sovereign governments and the people they represent.

This is just another battle we the people must continue to wage, call your representative today and ask them to join us in our efforts.

Link to full story

Bedlam at Saturday night chatter as one of our group won the $64,000 raffle. More to follow.

Fellow Progressive Democrats

We, as Democrats, sit back and smile as we watch the goings on in the Republican Party; Tea party taking over and running the moderates into the ground. Ah yes it looks good, but don’t get to smug, it appears we have somewhat of a fuss of our own going on.

I am talking about a group that goes under the name of Third Way. Digging some, you will find the directors of this group are all either investment bankers or CEOs.

Based on an editorial in the Wall Street Journal last week, Third Way seems to be getting its shorts in a knot over Elizabeth Warren’s growing popularity and her support of the efforts to increase Social Security.

Huffington post has a story about this incident here…

While we should be concentrating on the upcoming mid-term elections, we cannot let this slip through the net.

This group supports Hillary Clinton and if she gets the nomination, I will support her also. However we must maintain pressure on all Democratic candidates to support progressive goals and throw off the corporate oppression we have been under for so long.

If we want the change we were expecting from Obama, we must work hard to get it. We do not have it yet.

In example the TPP slipping through right now has the support of corporate America, the Chamber of Commerce and President Obama.

Keep in mind, Hillary may not be the change we are looking for.

Now let’s all get back to work on 2014. 🙂