Healthcare in the United States


Disease? (Photo credit: armigeress)

When Richard M. Nixon was president, one of his cabinet members came to him wanting to talk about health care. Nixon reportedly told him to get lost he did not want to talk about national or government health care. The cabinet member stood strong and told Nixon he had an idea on how to make it a profitable enterprise. This word, profit, caught Nixon’s ear and we as a country began our long and devastating journey to a healthcare system built and designed for profit above care.

Side story now…

I was talking to a gentleman who is on Medicare and has supplemental coverage last week. This fellow was in Grand Rapids, Mi. with his wife, and his son. They were at a hospital where his daughter-in-law was undergoing induced labor to bring on the birth of her child.

While waiting patiently, the gentleman thought he would go to the emergency room and see if he could get some help in removing a barb from a barberry bush that was stuck in his finger and beginning to fester. He had tried to remove it himself with no luck.

The doctor took one look, numbed the finger and promptly removed the offending barb.

A month later the gentleman received a bill for services rendered. The total charge for the procedure was $1400.00 with a charge to him of $140, Medicare and his supplemental paid the rest. He grumbled to himself and paid the bill.

How much profit do you suppose was made in this short procedure?  And what amount of that was needed to cover expenses incurred by the hospital when they provide service to uninsured patients?

Back to profit in healthcare industry now

We are beginning to see more and more cases of antibiotic resistant infections taking hold in not only America but in the world. When antibiotics were first introduced 50-60 years ago they were miracle drugs fighting off infections and curing most illnesses. But because of abuse of these drugs their effectiveness has dwindled.

Big Pharma working on a profit above all modus figured out that there is more profit in creating and selling drugs for chronic diseases then drugs for temporary illnesses. An antibiotic is generally only used for two or three weeks but a chronic disease requires lifetime dependency.

NPR has a story explaining this in more detail here…..

Healthcare is an area the people are not being taken care of using capitalistic procedures. Think about it, and then scream or call your congress person and tell them sometimes profits have to come second to service.

Thanks friends, and have another great day!