Last Night at the Legion

The mystery of the missing airplane came up for a brief discussion. All parties agreed it is still a mystery, no one knows where it is or what happened.

I said “Fox News just came out with a report; they say it was Obama’s fault.”

The gentleman to my left gave me a look of dismay. I told him it was just a joke. He responded with.

“I do not like or trust the government.”

To which I said. “Many people feel that way today. This comes from too few people having too much money and too much control of our government.”

Until we the people regain control and make America the Democracy it was intended to be, this distrust and anger will continue to fester and grow.

Working together we can do this and live in comfort and joy again.

Carry on my friends, carry on!


So you turn on the tv this morning

And you get nothing on the cable channels except the house committee questioning HHS Secretary Sebelius regarding the flaws in the Obamacare website. I mean even Al Jazeera is broadcasting this farce.

The Republicans are using this hearing to expound on their dislike of the program, reading letters from their constituents complaining of cancellation letters from their insurance companies. Come on people, the law tells the insurance companies they can no longer sell you the junk policies they sold you in the past that offered little or no benefits.

From our who woulda thunk department comes the revelation that Greta Van Susteren of Fox News(?) just debunked a story reported on CBS of a Florida woman who had her policy cancelled and now has to pay 10 times as much. That is how CBS reported the story.

Van Susteren dug deeper and found the woman’s policy did not cover hospital stays and required extensive copays for Doctor visits and prescription purchases.  She also found there are at least 10 plans available that would be less expensive than that quoted on CBS.

Link to story here….

Let’s call out CBS for their junk reporting and when we finish that lets call out the Republicans in congress for continuing to waste our time and money with these senseless hearings.

Contact CBS here….

Contact your representative here….