Michigan Republicans Shun Responsibility

In Michigan the Republicans took control of our state government some 4 years back when Rick Snyder was elected governor.
In that short time they have managed to create a $500 million deficit for the upcoming year. This was accomplished by cutting taxes for the wealthy few and convincing the general public that we had to do away with a tax on personal property.
Michigan’s roads, like most of the country, have been ignored for years. So what do the Republicans do?
In addition to increasing fees on many small businesses, they call for a ballot measure to increase the state sales tax. They fear the Grover Norquist branch of their party too much to do the right thing themselves.
The increase on fees to small businesses could possibly put Snyder on the do not dine here list at Tommy Brann’s restaurant in Wyoming Michigan that has banned Michael Moore and Seth Rogen, but that is another story.

This action ties in with Republican states nationwide in their efforts at taxing the poor to benefit the rich.

“A number of Republican-led states are considering tax changes that in many cases would have the effect of cutting taxes on the rich and raising them on the poor. While the bottom fifth of earners pay more than 10 percent of their income in state and local taxes, the top 1 percent pays closer to 5 percent, the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy estimates.”
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There is a vote scheduled for May 5th of this year to raise the sales tax. The people supporting this vote are suggesting it will make for safer roads and as a bonus, some of the monies raised will go to the schools. If you believe that, money going to the schools, ask yourself, where did all that lottery money go?
This is a regressive tax that will create more suffering by the hard working, taxpaying middle class than on the affluent ones our state government is so concerned about.
So all my friends in Michigan, I am urging you to vote NO on this tax increase.
Force the bums in Lansing to do their job. (Not all the people in Lansing are bums, the good ones are in the minority.)


More on Liberty

Yesterday I posted my interpretation of liberty. The posting was in response to a discussion on social media that I was involved in. My latest reply on that site will be shared here for those that do not have access to it.

“Sixty some years ago when I was a small child we had a dog. We used to open the door and let the dog run free; everybody did that in those days. The dogs had complete liberty. As time passed it became impolite to let your dog mess in someone else’s yard. Many communities passed ordinances making this action punishable. Now we walk dogs on a leash with pooper scooper in hand. The dogs have given up some of their liberty for the happiness of the masses. Can’t we, as humans, act accordingly without feeling we are restricted?”

We all give up liberties in our lives. Some give up liberties to belong to and adhere to the rules of religious sects or organizations. Some give up liberties to work in a certain occupation.

A large majority of elected Republicans have given up liberties by signing a pledge to political gadfly Grover Norquist. Most likely, ALL elected officials give up some liberties to maintain their required money flow. (Next election always looms on the horizon.)

However, will fully giving up liberties is a far cry from having your liberties taken from you by government laws and regulations.

Three that come to mind this morning are: The right to vote, the right to peacefully assemble and free speech and women’s right to choose.

These three liberties are under constant attack today by the radicals in our governments from the local to the national level and we must all continue in our efforts to remove these scoundrels from office.

Get involved and stay involved they are not backing off from their attacks.

UAW loses election in Tennessee VW plant

UAW loses election in Tennessee VW plant

While I am personally unhappy with these results, I actually look at this as a positive thing. This vote took place in Tennessee; a red state that voted for Romney 59.5 percent to Obama’s 39 percent. A state that has citizens who grew up being taught that unions were communists’.
The workers were threatened with a loss of jobs and the company was threatened with a loss of government support. These threats came from elected government officials. The legality of these threats is questionable and may have repercussions.
The outside efforts to defeat the union in this election included non other than political gadfly Grover Norquist. This character went so far as to put up a billboard indicating the demise of Detroit came about because of the UAW. Norquist overlooked the fact that when GM and Chrysler were both going belly up and had to be bailed out by the federal government it was the management team that was called to D.C. He overlooks the fact that Ford was working with the same union workforce and survived the disaster unscathed. The only difference was management.
The results of 53 percent to 47 percent under these conditions are good news. Not long ago the union would have been lucky to get 20 percent support in this location.
We are moving in the right direction my friends and victory is in sight.
Carry on, carry on!

Good News! The fun continues!

English: Crude drawing of the "No RINO&qu...

English: Crude drawing of the “No RINO” buttons used by American Republicans. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Four or five days back a blog titled Rosemary’s Baby on this site talked about how the Republicans had created a monster called the tea party. The closing suggested getting some popcorn and enjoy the show about to begin.

Tim Skubick, a political columnist for M-live and host of local PBS show “Off the record”, wrote a column dealing with last week’s show featuring Cindy Camrat, a self-described tea party leader in the Michigan tea party movement.   The column described the show accurately discussing the division not only among Republicans but also among tea party folk.

The comments that follow the column display the wrangling in all its glory. Here is the link if you want to see some of the comments.


This is just local stuff in Michigan, the national scene has similar actions with sides being drawn already. New Jersey Governor Chris Christy just backed off on banning gay marriage in his state. This action pleased the big money Wall Street Republicans but may not rest well with the evangelicals in the south. How long before Christy steps over the line to please the Wall Street gang and pisses off Limbaugh enough to call him a RINO?  We are also following the scuffle between Glen Beck and Grover Norquist.


Enjoy the show my friends, it will be bloody but not lengthy.

At this time I am going to make a prediction, you may want to bookmark this page or put it in your memory folder. Check back in a couple years because sometime prior to the next presidential election the tea party will be shuffled off into a quiet little cubby somewhere. The powers that be will see to it. They have performed the function they were asked to do and are no longer needed.

Like my mom used to say “Mark my words”. The tea party is doomed and headed for extinction.