Well I see the corporate controlled MSM is back to harping on the situation in Syria. War mongers are in their glory and the military industry is counting the money to be made.

Why in the hell do we have to get involved in this religious war in the mid-east?

This morning one of the cable networks had a short story about a 4 year old boy who had run off into the desert in an effort to escape the cruelties of the war.  This lad was found by UN workers and eventually returned to his family. At least that is what the MSM would want you to get all choked up about.

How about they show us something about a 4 year old boy diving in dumpster’s right here in America looking for something to eat?

How about they show us something about the senior citizen deciding on whether to spend his money on medications or food this month?

How about they show us something about the thousands of children that go to bed hungry and then go to school hungry?

How about they show us something about the thousands of school systems being shut down for a lack of funding or perhaps just an effort to privatize them?

Aye my friends we have plenty to be concerned about right here in America before we venture into foreign lands trying to settle their disputes.

War is Hell, but it is profitable. Think about that before you jump on the MSM bandwagon.


The cutting of food stamp benefits shocked the good people of Owsley County Kentucky

The cutting of food stamp benefits shocked the good people of Owsley County Kentucky

There were grumblings and groans among the local folk. Most were convinced it was Obama’s fault. “Everyone knows them blacks cannot handle money” “Obama went and spent this country into poverty” were just a few of the rational explanations heard in the mutterings going on in the local gathering spots.
And on Sunday they all went to services at their church. The Preacher explained to them in detail how the Lord would protect them from this evil that had befallen upon them. He told them to all pray for the day when this evil man was no longer ruining our great country. He told them to join hands and read from the good book for they still had each other for support.
And they went home with peace of mind, hoping and praying for the salvation to come soon.
And that night the children went to bed; hungry again.
Amen I say unto thee.

What Are Your Concerns?


DSC_9151-4 (Photo credit: nikontino)

Last night a gentleman sat next to me and said, “There are a lot of hungry people in the world.” As I began thinking of my approach to this open topic another gentleman brought up Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.  I did not understand exactly what if anything he was trying to point out by mentioning these two and the conversation wandered ferociously. One fellow said they move their money from one charity to another in order to avoid paying taxes and another said the big crisis in this world will come from the lack of food. I suggested the big problem will be the lack of potable water.

No “aha” moments at all from this brief interlude and the discussion ended.

This morning there was a debate concerning gay marriage on the show I was watching. Polling suggests this is gaining acceptance in the United States and will soon be a non-issue here.

These two items are examples of topics we could or may discuss in monthly chat groups I hope to be joining soon.

So I am asking you to send to me a list of your top three concerns for the upcoming year. This is totally open and can be anything from who is going to cut my lawn next summer to the civil wars going on in various parts of the world or even something like world hunger. If you only have one pressing concern that is fine, just share with us what they are.

You can post them here as a reply or send them to me via email. If you send email please title it “Concerns”. I will try to compile them and post results of your input here later.

Send email to: