Frogs Predict Pregnancy

This piqued my interest enough to share.
Here is an interesting fact I heard on PBS this afternoon.
The segment was actually about the extinction of different species in the world. One of the commentators told of amphibians being the first to go. She mentioned a few places that used to be abundant with frogs and now nary a frog can be found in those places.
She went on to talk about a type of frog that was used as a pregnancy test with great success. And unlike mice and rabbits, the frogs did not have to be killed to get the results.
Anyway the frogs were shipped round the world for this use. Now they suspect this type of frog carries a fungus that is responsible for the death of many frogs.

For more detail on this, here is a link…..


Good News! The fun continues!

English: Crude drawing of the "No RINO&qu...

English: Crude drawing of the “No RINO” buttons used by American Republicans. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Four or five days back a blog titled Rosemary’s Baby on this site talked about how the Republicans had created a monster called the tea party. The closing suggested getting some popcorn and enjoy the show about to begin.

Tim Skubick, a political columnist for M-live and host of local PBS show “Off the record”, wrote a column dealing with last week’s show featuring Cindy Camrat, a self-described tea party leader in the Michigan tea party movement.   The column described the show accurately discussing the division not only among Republicans but also among tea party folk.

The comments that follow the column display the wrangling in all its glory. Here is the link if you want to see some of the comments.

This is just local stuff in Michigan, the national scene has similar actions with sides being drawn already. New Jersey Governor Chris Christy just backed off on banning gay marriage in his state. This action pleased the big money Wall Street Republicans but may not rest well with the evangelicals in the south. How long before Christy steps over the line to please the Wall Street gang and pisses off Limbaugh enough to call him a RINO?  We are also following the scuffle between Glen Beck and Grover Norquist.

Enjoy the show my friends, it will be bloody but not lengthy.

At this time I am going to make a prediction, you may want to bookmark this page or put it in your memory folder. Check back in a couple years because sometime prior to the next presidential election the tea party will be shuffled off into a quiet little cubby somewhere. The powers that be will see to it. They have performed the function they were asked to do and are no longer needed.

Like my mom used to say “Mark my words”. The tea party is doomed and headed for extinction.

Detroit goes Bankrupt! and other news.

MInistry in Contemporary Culture - Does Evange...

MInistry in Contemporary Culture – Does Evangelicalism have a Future? (Photo credit: lorenkerns)

Many on the right look at this with glee.

This is what happens when you let the Democrats run a city.

Sorry friends but most major cities in the U.S. are under the watchful control of Democrats.

Detroit’s demise came about for various reasons; mismanagement is just one of them.

They also went through a white flight stage during the late 1960s after the riots; creating a loss of tax revenue.

In addition the outsourcing of decent paying manufacturing jobs created another drain on income.

This of course is a product of corporate greed. Why pay a living wage to American workers when we can get third world people to work for pennies?

You don’t think this is another case of a vulture capitalist like Romney coming in and plundering the coffers do you?

Most likely not, but the retirees are concerned about their pensions.

IMHO pensions should get top priority in any and all bankruptcy cases. These are people that have worked long and hard with the expectation of retiring with their delayed compensation providing them with a comfortable lifetime in retirement.

It bothers me to think these people may have to become Wal-Mart greeters just to survive in this economy.

In other news it was reported on PBS this morning that Evangelicals are the fastest growing religious sect in Brazil. At this point all the good people in Brazil should stand back and take a look at what is happening; the evangelicals have been complicit in creating the mess we have in the U.S. today. You may want to join together and stop this menace before it gets control of the government.

And like the rest of the world I wait anxiously for the baby to arrive.

June 1st 2013

One week ago a worldwide event (March On Monsanto) had almost 2 million protestors marching in the streets of the world. In big cities and small college towns worldwide these people were marching and beating drums and speechifying and handing out pamphlets.

Did you see any of this on television? Did any of the 24 hour cable news stations cover this event?

One of my local stations had some still photos sent in by participants and a 20 second story about the event but, that is all I remember seeing.

Compare that coverage with the coverage a small gathering of tea party types was getting just a few years back.

With the main stream media being controlled by just a handful of large corporations our usual sources of information are no longer reliable or trustworthy. It is only through social media and blogs that we can expect to learn what is really going on in this world.

Even PBS is under the influence of big money as displayed by their reluctance to air an excellent documentary “Citizen Koch”.   They did air a show talking about the income inequality in the U.S. but they also allowed the Koch brothers to insert a disclaimer either before or after the airing.

Much of this concentration of power can be attributed to the Citizens United ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court a few years back.  Today there are over 200 groups opposed to and working to overturn that ruling. Click on the link, join and support one of these groups. Together we can win our world back from the oppressive forces.

Link for many groups fighting against citizens united…

Link to Citizen Koch movie….

Would you like to own your very own Governor/politician?

Jane Mayer at the 2008 Texas Book Festival, Au...

Jane Mayer at the 2008 Texas Book Festival, Austin, Texas, United States. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well I did not win the big lottery last Saturday. $660 million would have been nice.

But then I did not really have a chance because I did not buy a ticket. Had I thought about it while I was at a retailer that sold the tickets I most likely would have bought a couple.

Like most people when buying one of these tickets you have some time to imagine what you would do with all that money, what kind of lifestyle changes would you make?  How great your life would be if money were of no concern.

I thought about this for a while and reached the conclusion that I really do not want to win the lottery, or at least one of such magnitude. I thought such a vast sum of money may destroy me, I would possibly lose my desire to continue striving for those things I think are important in this life.

But then it hit me, with that much money I could probably buy a Governor or perhaps a bevy of congressmen or senators.  Hmmm?  The Koch brothers have their politicians why not me?

And this of course brings me to the article by Jane Mayer in the New Yorker dealing with the Koch brothers and their greedy hands reaching for control of PBS. It is a lengthy article but very interesting I One quote from the article sticks in my mind.

“We have to realize that we live in a world where people with power have power.”

Here is the link, check it out and let me know what you think.