Local stuff, Mid-Michigan Help Needed.

Paul Weyrich - Undertaker for the American Dream

Paul Weyrich – Undertaker for the American Dream (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

I went to a meeting last night with some people that are working to get progressive Democratic candidates elected to our state government offices.

These people have a plan, a good plan. They are up and running in southern Michigan and northern Michigan. They are working on our area now and are looking for volunteers to help in the cause. We are talking about people who can spend a few hours a month.

Keep in mind that Snyder and the Republicans have followed ALEC’s instructions to the letter. This has given us higher taxes for hard-working middle class people. Taxes on retirement income, a reduction in property tax credits, a reduction in earned income credits, an increase in tuition rates and reduced services from our government.

ALEC has plans for continuing decreases in the standard of living for middle class people in our state. One that comes to mind this morning is their goal of putting public pension funds in the hands of Wall Street hooligans.  For more on this follow link… http://www.salon.com/2013/10/23/wall_streets_favorite_democrat_wants_your_pension/

We do not have the money of the Koch brothers or the Devos of this world but we do have the people, working together we can stop this onslaught on our lives.

Drop me an email or a pm or a phone call or a smoke signal or any other method of communication for more information on this plan.


Thanks for all you do.