Just a Couple of Brief Snarks Today

So the children got us one of those fancy one cup coffee makers for my birthday. And then for Christmas they got us one of those fancy big flat screen television sets.

Please do not let any of your right wing friends know this as we are on social security and Medicare. And we do not want the Republicans complaining about us folks on the government dole having all these rich folk things.

Second. Now this is just a rumor so do not share it with anyone. A dude in Florida had to “pop a cap” on one of his neighbors. Seems the neighbor had put his yard waste across the lot line for the third time. Dude told him to stop that shit. Second dude came out with a rake in his hand. First dude felt he was under attack and blasted him to eternity with his AK-47.

Third, The Koch brothers are advertising like crazy in Michigan to get their candidate elected to the U.S. Senate. If you want these dudes and their lobbyists to have even more control over our government, follow their instructions otherwise join me in voting for anyone that pisses them off.

Have a good day friends and hopefully I will see you all tonight.


Is this enough?

Is this enough?

In the past 10-15 years I have taken part in and seen demonstrations all over this country/world.
Years ago we had demonstrations at our local representative’s office seeking his support in the S-chip bill.
A small group of dedicated people have stood at the corner of Tittabawassee and Bay road in their monthly anti-war vigils; at times getting pelted with half eaten donuts and other food items and called various names.
We have seen demonstrations at the capitol of Wisconsin with peaceful people being arrested and fined for exercising their rights of free speech and assembly.
We have seen the Moral Monday protests in North Carolina.
We have signed and circulated petitions for recalling tea party elected governors in various states.
There are petitions circulating now to end fracking and stop the Keystone pipeline.
In Michigan there was a ballot issue designed to protect unions. This went down to defeat because of the effective advertising of its foes.
It has been suggested at various sources that Occupy Wall Street did have some positive effect. Opening the eyes of many to some of the problems being faced by many in this world we live in.
But other than that what have we accomplished with all these actions?
The Republican thugs controlling our state governments continue with their dastardly deeds.

Michigan has just passed a rape insurance bill that most everyone in the state considers to be insane.

Now they have a plan to give the presidential electoral votes to their candidate in the next election using the gerrymandered districts.
Can all our protesting and signing of petitions put a stop to this? It appears not to be working.

The only solution I can see is to remove them from office in the midterms. To do this we must all work together, we must come up with some phrases and words that will shake the masses to their senses. Help them to see the light that has been obscured by all the bs put forth by the MSM and talk radio.
There is a meeting in my town this Thursday evening to join in watching Snyder’s state of the state address. Come to the meeting, bring your concerns and your hopes and join us in defeating those bums next November.
Call me if you need a ride; (U.S. Residents only). 😉

Scary Thoughts For a Monday Morning?

Scary Thoughts For a Monday Morning?

Are you talking about me?

Cannot confirm this yet but, both the Mackinac Bridge Authority and the Ambassador Bridge have placed guards near their locations. They have instructions to watch for Chris Christie or any member of his staff.
New York Times is running a series detailing how the big money working with ALEC has skirted election laws to take control of state governments across the country.
More here…
In Michigan Republicans continue in their efforts to take complete control and disenfranchise the votes of residents statewide.
Link here…
And still in Michigan Republican Senator Randy Richardville is working on a program to skirt term limits. The voter approved law should not apply to him and his fellow Republicans.
More here…
Sorry about all the bad news today but, working together we can turn this around.

Dems Warn Obama

This may upset some of my Democratic friends but sometimes upsetting people is the only way to get their attention.

This has to do with the TPP aka the Trans-Pacific Partnership. This is a deal with 12 countries participating in a trade, said to be free trade. However the deal as a whole lacks transparency and many are fearful of the power being given to corporations in this deal.


“Like NAFTA, the TPP would empower foreign corporations to directly challenge the laws and regulations of a country before an international tribunal. Under other trade frameworks, like the World Trade Organization treaties, only nations themselves are permitted to bring trade cases before an international arbiter, meaning companies must first win support from a government before attacking a law. Exxon Mobil, Dow Chemical, Eli Lilly and other corporations have used NAFTA to attempt to overturn Canadian regulations regarding offshore oil drilling, fracking, pesticides, drug patents and other issues.

We have all heard of the slippery slope argument concerning an erosion of powers, in this case it appears the powers of corporations are being increased. Resulting in the decreased powers of the sovereign governments and the people they represent.

This is just another battle we the people must continue to wage, call your representative today and ask them to join us in our efforts.

Link to full story  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/01/11/fast-track-trade-democrats_n_4580720.html?ref=topbar

Bedlam at Saturday night chatter as one of our group won the $64,000 raffle. More to follow.

So an email arrives praising the Republicans

Praising them for supporting the 13th amendment abolishing slavery, praising them for supporting the 14th amendment giving citizenship to freed slaves, praising them for supporting the 15th amendment the right to vote for all. And last but not least, praising the Republicans for NOT supporting the Affordable Care Act.

Strange, this email supports the positive things the Republicans did back in the 1860s and the negative thing they are doing in 2013.

We have to shake our heads in disbelief; does this sender really think we will fall for this? Do not tell us what the Republicans did over 100 years ago; tell us what they are doing now.

Tell us how they are cutting benefits to the veterans.

Tell us how after cutting food stamps to the same veterans and their children, they sealed the deal by eliminating unemployment for millions of long-term unemployed.

Tell how they continue to support tax breaks for the billionaires of Wall Street and the corporations’ they feed.

Or better yet, just tell yourself those actual current facts.

It is really cold out today, bundle up.

Wait a Minute, did you hear that?

Hear and Now

Hear and Now (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What’s that sound? Off in the distance, no it is right here in the room with us. What is it?

Turn off the tv, turn off the Iphones, the Ipads, the radio. Turn them all off, now listen again, silently.

There it is again, did you hear it? Did you hear it that time?

There it is, why it sounds like a small child, a small child calling out in hunger.

A child seeking nourishment, yes that’s what it is. I can hear it more clearly now, it is a boy.  Do you hear him also?

Ah, but he is not seeking just an apple to nourish his body, he is seeking knowledge and wisdom to nourish his very heart and soul.

Reach out and take his hand. Walk slowly with him down a path he has yet to travel. As you walk hand in hand, share with him the experiences of your life as he shares with you his excitement and joy of new things discovered.

This stroll is not a time for preaching or scolding, it is a time for sharing and listening. The listening may be the most important part of the walk. For without the listening, only one of you will have been nourished and that would be a shame. Don’t you think?

What Are Your Concerns?


DSC_9151-4 (Photo credit: nikontino)

Last night a gentleman sat next to me and said, “There are a lot of hungry people in the world.” As I began thinking of my approach to this open topic another gentleman brought up Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.  I did not understand exactly what if anything he was trying to point out by mentioning these two and the conversation wandered ferociously. One fellow said they move their money from one charity to another in order to avoid paying taxes and another said the big crisis in this world will come from the lack of food. I suggested the big problem will be the lack of potable water.

No “aha” moments at all from this brief interlude and the discussion ended.

This morning there was a debate concerning gay marriage on the show I was watching. Polling suggests this is gaining acceptance in the United States and will soon be a non-issue here.

These two items are examples of topics we could or may discuss in monthly chat groups I hope to be joining soon.

So I am asking you to send to me a list of your top three concerns for the upcoming year. This is totally open and can be anything from who is going to cut my lawn next summer to the civil wars going on in various parts of the world or even something like world hunger. If you only have one pressing concern that is fine, just share with us what they are.

You can post them here as a reply or send them to me via email. If you send email please title it “Concerns”. I will try to compile them and post results of your input here later.

Send email to: larryjben@gmail.com