“They provided liquidity”

That is what a young Republican said to me one day last summer when I was questioning the value of big banks.
The comment stumped me at that time and I fell silent. The conversation turned to something less volatile than politics and a good time was had by all.
It was later that I thought to myself “what the hell is liquidity, is it something we can eat?”
Yes, that’s what I should have said, rather than going silent.
Well now in the cold of winter, I think I may understand what he meant. And I still don’t like it.
Recalling the nervousness experienced when for the first time in my life I applied for a loan to purchase a home. I remember filing the application and being interviewed by bank personal. I remember having to bring pay stubs and other supporting documents. I remember being told the committee would look at my application and I should hear from them within a week.
Fast forward 50 years and a young man of my acquaintance that is working a seasonal job grooming the greens on a golf course excitedly tells me the mortgage broker told him he is pre-qualified for a $250,000 home loan. My less than heartfelt congratulations are accepted with an idealistic smile and a thank you.
Ah so, that’s what the young Republican was talking about when he said liquidity.
Shortly thereafter the crash came, the big banks had gambled themselves into a hole so deep it took the taxpayers of the United States to bail their asses out.
Many young people, like my friend, found themselves upside down in their houses. Some in such dire straits that they lost their homes and eventually found themselves in bankruptcy court. With no government bailout available they did not fare as well as the big banks.
Our government reacted to this situation by passing the Dodd-Frank law. A law designed to eliminate government bailouts of big banks gambling losses.
Last week the Republicans in congress, have passed a government funding bill with a rider in it designed to again finance big bank gambling. Note…. This was done with the help of some scoundrels that call themselves Democrats. And will most likely be signed into law by Democratic (?) President Obama.
It is time we all join hands and unite our voices in our objection to this Wall Street controlled government.

Satanic Group to bring Holiday display to Lansing

Already we see much shock and anger based on this action.
Good people are expressing disgust with this action.
As for me, I have to ask, where do we draw the line on religious freedom?
The U.S. Supreme Court has already ruled in favor of privately held corporations in their pursuit of using their religious beliefs as a reason to withhold health care benefits from their employees.
The Westboro Baptists routinely picket funerals of our veterans with impunity.
A Florida preacher burns or threatens to burn Qurans based on his religious beliefs.
A religious fanatic in the U.S. shoots and kills a doctor because of his religious beliefs.
And we all remember the angst when they went about building a mosque in New York City.
And those are just a few things I remember in the United States, I am sure you remember others.
We have people in Africa being killed for being gay. This as a result of American proselytizers spreading their hate.
In Pakistan religious fanatics invade a school and kill over 100 children.
In the mid-east religious wars rage on with beheadings and poison gasses.
When does this stop and where does it end?
Here is a link to video regarding the satanic display in Lansing…


How about today as a gesture of goodwill we all hug a member of another faith or even another ethnic background?
Let us all work to make the world a more loving place.
Enough of this religious hatred already!

Christmas Gift List

Normally this list is not created and completed so early in the year but with all the activities taking place, it should be taken off the plate.
In light of that statement here is my list.
Most Democratic elected officials …. A backbone
Most Republican elected officials….. A heart
President Obama…. Strength in the upcoming year
Mitch McConnell…. Ears that hear from both sides
Harry Reid… A plan
John Boehner…. Control
Nancy Pelosi… Stamina
Rick Snyder…. Eyes that are open
Millennials…. Hope for the future and Involvement in the process
Minorities… Equality
Tea Party… Freedom from the oligarchs that control you
Family and friends…. My love and support in all your efforts.

This is just a brief list of things that come to my mind this morning. Please feel free to add your gift list to these via comments.
Thank you

Late Friday Double Header. Open Letter to Debbie Wasserman Schultz and others

Open Letter to Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Lon Johnson and all other State Democratic Party Leaders
Madams and Sirs,
When you get together to do an autopsy on the most recent election results, don’t waste too much time.
We got spanked again because of actions like the one that just took place in the U.S. House of Representatives. Democrats voting to approve disabling of the Dodd Franks law and increased monetary donations.
Until we, as Democrats, grow some gonads and stand up for what we believe in we will continue to get stomped in elections.
We must go on the aggressive rather than trying to appease the Republicans for fear of losing something.
Offer the voters something that they are concerned about and they will come out and vote.
In congress add riders to bills seeking an increase in social security while suggesting an increase will stop us from increasing taxes on the 1 percent by any more than 10 percent.
Bring up a bill to eliminate or lower interest on student loans with a similar stipulation.
Bring up a bill to increase earned income credits and again the promise to restrict tax increases to the 1 percent to less than 10 percent. (This one fits in Michigan also.)
Promote Gun control!
These are the type of actions that will inspire the people and get the voters to the polls.
Now chew on this for a bit and do something positive.
I feel better now, thank you.

Wall Street Maintains Their Control!

The U.S. House of Representatives voted yesterday to give their power to Wall Street and the lobbyists.
Another sad day for the citizens of the United States of America.
The bill, sarcastically referred to as the “cromnibus” bill, gnaws at the Dodd-Frank law regulating Wall Street. So again, we the hard working taxpayers will be liable for Wall Street’s errant ways.
Another POS in this bill is the stipulation allowing larger monetary donations to politicians. And here we are trying to get the money out of politics.
Damn, is it any wonder the youth of America does not trust the government and many others have become apathetic towards our government?
President Obama, unfortunately gave his support to this measure. Again I say “Damn!”
The bill was passed with the support of 57 Democratic Representatives.
The Democrats supporting the bill claim increased funding for Wall Street regulators and Head Start were an even trade.
Knowing full well that compromise is the name of the game, I still feel this was a bad deal.
The tea party folk shut down the government last year to get their way, I have no problem with shutting down the government this year to get “our” way.
Ending this with a feeling of disgust but not a feeling of giving up.
We have a long way to go but we shall prevail. Carry on my friends, carry on!
More on this at link….


Senate Releases Torture Investigation Report

Ho Hum
Is there anyone out there that is surprised by this report?
If you are, you should not be.
Fox and Limbaugh et all attacked this report with the venom we are accustomed to hearing from them but, Fox,Limbaugh et all have always been bothered by facts.
After 40 some years of hate radio and Fox commentators spewing hatred those actions were to be expected. Not to forget about the so called Christian preachers that also spew hatred from the pulpit on a weekly basis.
Personally my disgust came about 6 years ago when the Democratic Party gained a foothold in our government and let these actions slip from the minds of good people in our country.
I actually thought Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld and Rice were going to be called to the wood shed and at least get a reprimand for their atrocious activities. But I was oh so wrong.
President Obama was going to bring us together and let the sins of the past lay fallow in the fields of the past.
Obama was a victim of believing his own rhetoric. He actually thought the country could and would come together again. He failed to recognize the anger Republicans held for him as displayed with their spoken goal of removing him from office.
In years gone by we, as Americans, took pride in being the good guys in the white hats that rescued the damsel in distress. But no more, we are now the torturous, murdering villains we once despised.
Getting social and economic justice for all should be our goal from this day forward.
Let us all join together in seeking a better tomorrow.

“First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out”

“First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”
pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984)
It has been stated Pastor Martin Niemoller used variations of this quote in different speeches. The above is the best know version per Wikipedia.
Now today in America, if Niemoller were speaking would he begin with “First they came for the Blacks”?
And based on a law just passed in the Michigan House of Representatives, follow this with “Then they came for the LGBT”?
Niemoller was speaking out against the intellectuals in Nazi Germany for their failure to speak out or do anything against the atrocious actions of the Nazis.
Today in America we have a main stream media that has classified a complete group of people as thugs based on the actions of a few. We have zealots in elected positions that are writing laws based on their narrow minded religious beliefs.
Ask yourself today, are you in the next group they will be coming after? Or what will be the next group they will come after, and am I a member of that group?
Think about it my friends, and then do something!