Armed and ready to shoot.

Armed and ready to shoot.

It was a little over twenty years ago that I met this young woman.
An attractive woman with long dark hair, the face of a Greek goddess and a body that was fit and proper.
After a short conversation I came to view her as a stable, level headed woman with a firm grasp on the world and its environment.
She then shared some snippets of her earlier life. This information adjusted my opinion somewhat. I thought, had this lady been born 20 or 30 years earlier she would have been a peacenik hippy protesting the Vietnam War and smoking dope.
And get this; she was driving a Volkswagen bug with a bumper sticker stating “We all live downstream”.
Not only was she a hippy peace freak, she was a tree hugger to boot. :)
So now twenty years later we are having a conversation regarding the rancher in Nevada and his battles with the BLM.
She wants to know why we can’t just let the cows eat the grass. She wants to know why is the government working so hard a prosecuting this man and his cows to save some desert scrub land and the “hairless tortoises”.
At that time I told her the government was not going to take the cows and be mean to them, they were confiscating the cows in lieu of grazing fees, not paid by the rancher.
I did not, but should have said, as far as the desert scrub land home to the “hairless tortoises” goes. This land is all part of the world’s eco-system and destroying one part of this system can and will have adverse affects on the rest of the system. Much like the destruction of the rain forests worldwide is affecting climate change worldwide.
I could have also said. We live in a society of over 300 million people, what gives this individual the right to think and act like he only has to obey laws that he agrees with.
Enough of my shoulda, woulda, coulda.
Just remember, we really do, all live downstream! And the world was not given to us to pillage and plunder, the world was given to us to enjoy and then pass on to our children and grandchildren for their enjoyment.
A lengthy story about this incident can be found here…

Thought for today. Rich Vs. the rest of us

Thought for today. Rich Vs. the rest of us

While Surfing the net this morning
I found this term concerning the Republican Party, “money guys”. The poster suggests there are the money guys that really control the party and the nut cases that constitute the base voters.
Thinking along those lines I have always used a different term for the money guys, I called them either the ALEC candidates or the Koch brother’s candidates.
With only one week left to register as a candidate in Michigan I am left to wonder who the Alec candidates are for various offices. I know that the Koch brothers already have their handpicked candidates for United States Senator and state governor but, have they worked with ALEC to pick candidates for the other state offices up for election?
This is not an easy task, as they have to find someone who will abide by their wishes of increasing their personal wealth at the expense of the masses, yet still appeal to the nut cases referred to as the base.
We do know that ALEC has their candidate for Michigan’s 32 senate seat but what about the other races?
Any chance one of you “money guys” could post your selections here? I ask this of the “money guys” because according to the poster, the “money guys” always trump the nutcase base.

(Blood) Moon over Miami

(Blood) Moon over Miami

Sorry, my simple mind just could not resist.
This astrological phenomenon is getting some play on the teevee. There will be four such occurrences this year, they call this Tetrad.
Televangelist John Hagee says this is a sign of something big coming down.
Yowser, What do you all suppose he is suggesting?
I am waiting for a rebate check for a toaster I recently bought, do you suppose that is what he is talking about.
Or how about war mongering Senator McCain going on meet the press next Sunday and suggest we arm the patriots in Nevada fighting for the rights of Cliven Bundy. Damn those gubbermint folks thinking Bundy has to comply with federal laws. He is a citizen of Nevada not the United States.
He can’t be thinking of another right wing nut case shooting and killing Christians he mistook for being Jewish, that already happened.
Perhaps Hagee is thinking his donor’s checks will start bouncing and he will have to get a real job.
Or even worse, this is tax day, maybe he is short of funds to pay his taxes, why don’t we all send him a couple bucks to help him out?
Ahh, the fears of things to come are just too much, I think I will have another beer and contemplate the meaning of life for a bit.

Really ?

Really ?

The Church Of Wells.
And again we have a small group that has decided the rest of us are not “saved” enough.
The good people of Wells Texas are upset. They insist that they have already been saved and do not need any more saving. They are calling the small group a cult and want them to either shut up or leave town.
Defining a cult is near impossible, in years past I recall an evangelist telling me the Catholic Church was/is the biggest cult of all. ??
Based on that view I would guess size has nothing to do with the definition, yet when searching for a definition I find cults referred to as a small group of extremists.
Based on that, could one call the tea party a cult?
Another issue that boggles the mind; most members of these groups tell us they are trying to save mankind by having them join them in their beliefs and faith. While at the same time they are shunning family members who fail to agree with their philosophy.
And where do the Westboro Baptists fall in this category? This group puts a strain on the relationship between the military and the evangelicals that has been built up over the years. What now?
My childhood religious training taught me that Jesus was a loving and caring man; a man who worked to help the poor and the suffering masses.
And now, we have people professing their love for Jesus, performing these dastardly deeds.
Perhaps the picture answers this question but it still has to be asked.
What the hell happened?

The Corporate States of America?

The Corporate States of America?

Like the Meme says “Government is not the problem, corrupted government is.”
And it continues “Our government is not broken, it is bought.”
Yesterday’s blog talked of this, mentioning the Koch brothers, the DeVos’, Sheldon Adelson and others as being the owners of our government.
Today, thanks to gerrymandering, many citizens of this country have representatives that are not representing them.
Some elected officials that do represent the people include federal Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. My district’s representative Dan Kildee supports the people.
On the state level Senator Gretchen Whitmer has always supported the people, unfortunately she is term limited out. My state district is held by a man who so far has shown no support for the people of the district.
Getting to the county and city level I feel there are many county board of commissioners members that work “for the people.” And our city council has at least one member that does the same. I will not post names here as I am sure I would leave someone out, but you all know who they are. Or drop me a note and I will share my list with you. 
A quick way to determine if an elected official is working for you is to check their affiliation with groups such as ALEC. Being a member or supporter of this group is an automatic toss out. ALEC does not support people, it supports corporate interests.
The meme suggests it is time to vote. Hopefully voting will be the solution to our current problem, otherwise I see the people taking to the streets much like in other countries around the world. It will not be pretty and lives will be sacrificed. Join me in avoiding this scenario by voting and taking your neighbor with you to the polls.
Link to source of Meme….

Tigers finally win on the west coast, yahoo!

Good News for the Rich

Good News for the Rich

Good news my friends, you have recently paid all your social security taxes for the year. Unlike the rest of us who will be paying this tax all year.
Keep in mind the uber rich, Koch brothers, DeVos, Adelson and so on paid this pittance on or about January 1, 2014 but I am talking about the ordinary rich here.
What does this mean to you? Well first it frees up some money to buy another congressman or perhaps even a senator.
The Koch brothers are using their money wisely attempting to buy the U.S. Senate with spending in all contestable states.
While I know you cannot match these dudes dollar for dollar, you can still help buy a congress critter in your district. Contact your local Republican headquarters to see what they have to offer this year in the way of congress critters for sale.
The U.S. Supreme Court has just issued permits to all wealthy individuals to purchase congress critters in any district in the U.S. So your chances of owning your own personal congress critter are unlimited.
If attempting to buy a congress critter in a district you do not reside in, do some research and contact that districts Republican headquarters. One never knows which district offers the best deal until one does some research. But do keep in mind the price only raises with increased demand, get your bids in quickly.


Here is a link to show you what you can do with your extra money…


Dear Saginaw, Michigan city council members

Dear Saginaw, Michigan city council members

I just finished reading an uplifting story in today’s Saginaw News. The story shares the thoughts and ideas of Dr. Samuel J. Shaheen.
Shaheen talked about the many positive things he sees in the city. Positive things one seldom if ever, sees in local news coverage.
Shaneen talks of the importance of having a healthy core in our metropolitan area. He says “If we can work on the unemployment and poverty, we will impact crime.”
Thinking about this article led me to think about the recent city council meeting dealing with an ordinance restricting discrimination in the work place based on ones sexual identity.
As other commitments did not give me time to attend the meeting I do not know the exact quote of councilman Larry Coulouris but, it went along the lines of is this the city’s responsibility?
My response to the councilman is a resounding YES!
A yes first of all, because it is just the right thing to do, in this day and age discrimination in any environment is just basically unjust and should be non-existent. If an ordinance is required to do so, then so be it.
Secondly, the youth of the world has acknowledged and accepted the fact that people are different, and these differences make no differences in how people should be treated.
So if Saginaw wants to be recognized as a forward thinking modern community, they must take forward thinking modern actions.
It is time to shake loose of the old tenets and join the world of today. Doing so will prove to be another “positive” thing we can all be proud of, and will show the world that we are indeed a city ready for the future.
I urge you and your fellow council members to shun the words of the extremely vocal minority and move forward by voting yes on this ordinance. Thank you.