For Political Junkies Only!

Today I have a couple of links to share.

First is a link to a Princeton study that declares America is no longer a Democracy. The study does not use the word Oligarchy but it sure sounds like one to me.

Here is the link…

The second is a link to a thread on Democratic Underground.
The actual thread can be found here.

This thread discusses the possibility of America being a fascist state. I found a lengthy post about halfway down the thread that explains in detail how we came to this current condition. From the writings of Noam Chomsky.

If you want to read some wonky yet enlightening stuff click on those links. I did and found them interesting and revealing.

Now I am off to the library to get something lite to read. :)

You all have another good day.

The Challenge for Democrats Will Be Turnout

The upcoming midterm election affords us the ability to continue our efforts at regaining control of our government from the corporatists that currently are in control.

As a believer of separation of corporate and state, I feel this  must be done.

All the blogs, pages and web sites I peruse suggest the same, getting out the vote is imperative.

And I see little if any suggestions as to how to accomplish this goal. I myself have thoughts and ideas, some came from others some are my own.

In Michigan there is a group working on putting a raise in minimum wage on the ballot, this sounds like a good plan for getting out the vote and I support it.

A gentleman I met recently suggested we have young men go to barber shops with flyers stressing the importance of voting. Especially in minority neighborhoods, unfortunately this group has been known to stay home during midterms. I like this idea also, now how do we implement it? Any suggestions?

The average citizen today cares little about the upcoming election in spite of the barrage of political ads on the television. It is only the political junkies that are fired up and working feverishly at this time, but it is never too early to start planning and working on this project.

In the last presidential election the Obama team had one hell of a get out the vote team. Is there a way we can tap into that team/concept?

If you have any ideas or suggestions to help in this effort please share them here, this is indeed an important event.

Thanks for your help.

Here is a story you may like, fact or fiction? :)

Seems there is a lady that lives in section 8 housing in Pittsburgh, Pa. that has found herself in a fix.

She goes by the name of Nevilc. Not sure if this name stems from her African roots or some other, perhaps “backward” thought. ;) The neighborhood children all call her Mama Nevvy.

A little background check on this lady finds out she is well liked by the children in her neighborhood. Always has an encouraging word for them and usually a cookie or two. She attends church services weekly at the local church of the redeemed souls. Baptist I think, but not sure. She donates to the church with both money and time and is well liked and received in the church and the community.

Based on this information it came as a complete shock to all when they heard that Nevvy was under federal indictment for having received assistance for claiming children that were not really hers.

She had been receiving both food stamps and earned income credits for 20 some years now claiming neighborhood children as her dependents. Nursing on the government teat so to speak.

The government’s red tape bureaucracy had missed this and let it slide for these many years. Now that they had discovered it they were coming after Nevvy full force. Agents from the IRS were scheduled to come to her house and remove any and all materials deemed to have value. They were also working on confiscating any money she had in bank accounts.

Mama Nevvy felt that she had done no wrong. She had provided food, clothing and shelter to those children. The fact that they were not her biological or legally adopted children should not be a consideration in this manner. Based on that, Nevvy put out a call for help in this predicament. It was not 24 hours before support came rushing to her aid.

When the government agents approached her residence they were confronted by 100 or more men and women from the inner cities from as far away as Jacksonville, Fl. Some called this group “Black Panthers”, but they professed allegiance to no group. The men were all armed with assault rifles and threatened to use force if necessary to turn back these government thugs.

Nevvy has a right to live her life as she sees fit and the federal government has no right to interfere with her was the rallying cry of her supporters.

Her full name is “Nevilc Ydnub” or something like that.

What do you think the government should do in this situation?

Here is a link for comparison…

Boston Marathon Today

Thirty-six thousand runners today, more than any race in history. Boston Strong! Yes sir, we are going to show those terrorist thugs we will not be intimidated.
We will wave our flags with pride and glory, the terrorists be damned. If they think they can change us and our traditional actions and values, they better think again.
But, upon further review…

We find ourselves going through metal detectors at major league baseball games, we see on this morning’s news the areas in Boston that have been cordoned off. No vehicles allowed near the start or the end of the today’s marathon.
We see our local police departments arming up with military weapons obtained from the WAR department.
We see our local police pepper spraying and throwing peaceful demonstrators to the ground.
We see police arresting peaceful demonstrators in state capitol buildings across the nation.
We see laws being written banning peaceful demonstrations in public buildings.
We see hundreds of militia type individuals come racing, with assault weapons, at the ready to defend a scofflaw in Nevada as he refuses to comply with federal laws.
We see our citizens killing each other at the toss of a handful of popcorn or the booming sound of a car radio. And these homegrown thugs are getting away with this activity based on laws written to alleviate the fears fostered by the gun lobby.
We see laws being written to allow teachers to carry guns in the classroom.
We see laws being written allowing guns in churches.
We see laws being written allowing sawed off shotguns.
All these laws and changes in our society stem from a society that has been fed a constant message of fear.
So my friends, are we standing up to the terrorists or have they already won?

Bovine Militia


And more on the cow thingy. this from a stable Canadian.

Originally posted on notestoponder:

The other night I wrote about understanding America, professing a maturity capable of calmly accepting dead end logic. Sensitive to perceptions of preachy over reactive rants,  my resolve stood firm for almost 48 hours before withering in the face of bat shit crazy shenanigans.

America is not well. What’s more – the diagnosis is further complicated by America’s affliction – an all encompassing mental illness akin to paranoid schizophrenia. Insidious delusions of patriotism morph into outrageous displays of anti-government chest beating – oblivious “patriots” certain it’s for the good of the nation.

Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy has spent the last few decades squabbling with the Federal government. In dispute is cattle grazing on Federal land – Bundy claims his family’s cattle have grazed there since the 1860s, the government wants a million dollars in restitution for land use taxes. Last Saturday a judge ruled if fees went unpaid, Bundy’s cattle…

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Water, water everywhere nor any drop to drink

In Friday’s Saginaw News.
Right Wing Pundit Ken Braun had an interesting editorial. The piece spoke of a political ad that the Republicans have run in Michigan. And the Democratic response to the ad.
The ad speaks of Democratic candidate for Governor and a tax on water. Water? Who taxes water?
The ad makes no mention of the corporate leaders that are seeking a privatization of water for profit, but that is another story.
The Democratic Party responded saying Mark Schauer was merely trying to protect and preserve one of our most precious resources.
Braun goes on to tell us all how the Hudson Bay is dumping more water in the Great Lakes than the amount of water being diverted out of the Great Lakes.
This story brings memory of something I witnessed in Evart, Mi. years ago.
Nestle had just made a deal to begin drilling and extracting water from the land in Evart. Nestle is a mega-corporation with its headquarters in Germany. I do not know the full details of the contract but I do know that then governor Jennifer Granholm had issued some restrictions on the deal.
The restrictions may have been a limit on how much water Nestle could suck out of the county or it may have even been environmental restrictions.
Well the good Republicans of this county put out papers suggesting the economic advantages of having Nestle as a corporate entity in the county were being held back by the nasty Democratic Governor Granholm.
And my response was “the governor was just trying to protect the good people of Evart from the greed of corporate power Nestle.”
But coming back to the original story here. Braun has exposed himself of being a victim of a condition affecting most, if not all Republicans.
Braun has shown us his inability to think in the long-term. This thinking leads one to sacrifice the future in pursuit of profits now.

New Laptop Computer

Well my HP laptop bit the dust. 5 or 6 years is about the lifetime I get from these things.

So I purchased an ASUS notebook/laptop. Research told me this is one of the top three in laptops. Of course the research could be suspect but I bought it anyway.

The computer comes loaded with Windows 8.1 and it is a drastic change from prior versions. It also comes loaded with tons of stuff I do not want but will put up with for now until I get comfortable with this new computer. Do not want to delete something that I may want later.

So far the only thing I like about this new computer is the touch screen, it does at times make things easier at times.

So far almost everything I want to do requires me to sign in to Microsoft something or other. And the pop up ads are driving me crazy. I clicked on a link to register new computer and immediately a pop up came for some computer protection software. Finally just gave up and did not register machine, may register by snail mail.

I also purchased Microsoft office 2013, and did not get a cd just a code word for downloading the software. Damn! And of course to download I had to sign in to my Microsoft account. Much hassle with email passwords and MS account passwords but I finally got it working.

Still trying to figure out how to get children’s games, Netflix and other things off my start screen.

In the past I have always accepted the newer, better windows with little stress, hopefully this will repeat.

You all have a good Easter weekend and enjoy the sunshine.