Yes Men Fix the World


Another reblog while vacationing. I really like satire.

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If you haven’t heard of Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno , let me introduce you to the “Yes Men”. Bichlbaum and Bonanno are aliases – Jacques Servin and Igor Vamos respectively, fell into the “Yes Men” with their creation of a fake website poking fun at the World Trade Organization. Apparently satire masquerades as truth – they were contacted to speak at a conference in Austria and the Yes Men were born.

Posing as government or corporate spokesmen, satiric political activism began ruffling feathers. One of their first “pranks” was the 2004 “Yes, Bush Can”. Touring the country in a “Bush wrapped” RV, they encouraged supporters to sign the “patriot pledge” – agreeing to keep nuclear waste in their backyards and send their children to war. The duo even appeared at the Republican National Convention. Another petition circulated on the Bush/Cheney campaign trail urged supporters to support global warming because…

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Police under fire in Flint, Michigan?

Two recent events in this city have created a mess in an already stressed area of this state.
First incident occurred when a state trooper in hot pursuit of a person driving at extreme speeds through the streets of the community crashed into a vehicle resulting in the death of a 64-year-old woman.
It wasn’t 24 hours later when a headline seeking attorney declared a $50 million dollar lawsuit against the police and the state. Possibly adding to the anger and suspicions of the citizens of this community.
Next we have a township officer shooting and killing a young man involved in a routine traffic stop.
First reports had witnesses saying the young man was running away and was gunned down by the officer. Later reports suggest the young man was in a car and trying to run down the officer.
In an attempt to still the boiling waters, the police held a meeting with community leaders and religious leaders. The effectiveness of this meeting has yet to be determined.
My thoughts….
In the first incident the police have been trained to make a split second decision as to whether or not to continue pursuing a fleeing suspect in consideration of the conditions. It appears to me this officer made the wrong decision. But a $50 million dollar lawsuit is outlandish. I have no idea what a life should be valued at, I will leave that to the accountants and lawyers to decide, but I do feel the family should be compensated for their loss.
The second incident; and I know only what I see on the local news. And personally do not fully trust what I see on the news from any broadcast station or network. They are all controlled by corporate powers.
Local news is now telling us the officer was under attack via an attempt to run him down with a car. If that proves to be correct, the officer was well within his rights to take the action he took and should be exonerated.
Speaking of looking at news broadcasts with a bit of skepticism I have to say I am also somewhat skeptical of law enforcement in certain aspects. This comes from my knowledge of how law enforcement handled the Occupy Movement versus how they handled the Cliven Bundy incident.
Think about it.

The life we have is the life we created.

Knowing and accepting this simple statement opens an abundance of doors/opportunities for us.
Being the creators of our lives gives us the power to change and enhance our lives.
First step in this effort should be to exclude outside forces, do not let them define us.
As long as we wake up in the morning, we have a chance to enhance ourselves as the person we want to be.
Of course if we don’t wake up, then game over, we have done what we could in this life.  :)
Going through each day doing no harm to others and even working on bringing a smile to another’s face is an excellent way to enhance our personal lives.
Happy faces   :)   are indeed contagious.
We can also make an attempt to learn something new every day. This can be accomplished using many methods.
We can start a conversation with a stranger and then listen. The wisdom and insights of others will open our eyes to sights we never thought existed.
We can stop by the local library and pick up a book by an author we have not read before, again a chance to see the world through others eyes.
We can visit the local zoo or playground and just watch the people and their actions, observation of people in their leisure activities can also be enlightening and a learning experience.
This brief note has just listed a couple of things we can all do to enhance our lives, feel free to share your ideas for doing the same, either here or drop me an email.
Now, I have to get rolling, have another good day everyone.

Immigration Crisis hits America, My thoughts

We, as Americans, expect Jordan to set up refugee camps for those fleeing Syria, we expect the Ivory Coast to provide refuge to Africans fleeing death and starvation in their home countries.
Yet many join together to protest the care and handling of children fleeing similar conditions in Central America.
Of the protestors I have seen on the telly, none appear to be Native Americans, they are all immigrants or children of immigrants.
It bothers me to no end to see these people waving American flags, this in not the America that I want to live in, this is an America of greed.
It has been suggested that the root cause of this problem should be addressed. I agree with this, now one has to determine what is the root cause?
Some say it is a result of former President Clinton’s NAFTA agreement. Local farmers could not compete with big agriculture of America.
Some say it is a result of American’s insatiable appetite for drugs, if there were no demand there would be no drug trade and the resulting violence.
My thoughts are, it is a combination of these events and possibly others of which I know nothing about.
A religious person posted on Facebook “send them back, we cannot take care of EVERYONE.” I replied “Your comment brings sadness to my life. WWJD?”
Another comment on Facebook chastised me for pointing out the fact that these children are being processed under a law passed and signed into law by G.W. Bush.
He told me to quit blaming Bush, the blame lies with Obama for signing the Dream Act. I pointed out the fact that the Dream Act has nothing to do with the current situation, the Dream Act deals with children that were brought into this country years ago by their parents.
I have not heard back from this poster since.
Here is a link to an article in the Los Angeles Times. That explains the situation in more detail you may want to check it out.

Carry on my friends, carry on!

Dallas Buyers Club all over again?

Military veterans suffering from PTSD denied the one drug that appears to be effective in relieving the suffering they are living through on a daily basis.
“The first time Dr. Sisley listened to a veteran with PTSD describe self-medicating with weed, she ignored him. A lifelong conservative, her perception of marijuana was reduced to stoners getting high for fun. “[My patients] wouldn’t even talk about it with me—they knew I would disapprove,” she tells me.
But the stories didn’t stop. Recurring nightmares, insomnia, loss of interest, anger, sadness, and irritability—the hallmark symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder—were paralyzing her patients. The medicine wasn’t working. Zoloft and Paxil, the only two FDA-approved medicines for the condition, left the soldiers feeling numb, dizzy, and in a constant state of fog. Marijuana, many found, was stronger than all of them combined.”

In a related article “The Anti-Pot Lobby’s Big Bankroll” by Lee Fang, in the most recent issue of The Nation magazine, the details of who is behind the anti-pot forces are explained. A few quotes from the article….
“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now report that more Americans die from painkillers than from heroin and cocaine combined. (Notably there are no known deaths related to marijuana, although there have been instances of impaired driving.)”
“So it’s a little more than odd that CADCA and the other groups leading the fight against relaxing marijuana laws, including the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, derive a significant portion of their budget from opioid manufacturers and other pharmaceutical companies.”
Michigan’s Republican Attorney General is fighting vigorously to close down medical marijuana outlets in the state in spite of the people voting to approve medical marijuana. This dude definitely does not have the people’s welfare in mind.
Running long again this morning so let me close with a disclaimer.
I did try marijuana one time and unlike former President Clinton, I did inhale. It was not a pleasant experience for me as I continued drinking Budweiser while my more experienced colleagues switched to soft drinks. Only time in my life that I crawled under the covers with one shoe on. A wing tip cordovan to be exact.
Enjoy the outdoors today and carry on my friends, carry on!

Fear and Greed

Went to the local Democratic Party meeting last night. It was a good meeting, well attended and plenty of insightful comments from the candidates in attendance.
One topic brought up was the recent demonstration in Vassar, Mi. pertaining to housing some of the immigrants from Central America. One member said a person attending the meeting suggested it was a room full of hate.
For those reading this that have never heard of Vassar, Mi. I will tell you it is a small farming community in Tuscola County just east of Saginaw, Mi. and like most small rural areas in Michigan tends to lean Republican.
But, back to the meeting and the room full of hate.
Personally I expected this type of response from the area and was not in the least bit surprised when newscasts displayed the actions of those in attendance.
What brought out my anger and or concern about the action is the fact that there were a reported 100 or so demonstrators shouting their hateful comments while waving their Gadsden flags.
These people come out and they raise hell, those who support humanitarian help for these suffering children tend to stay home and watch the reports on the late news.
After thinking this through for a bit I decided these people are being motivated by listening to 40 years of hate radio. And one of the primary motivational techniques used by the likes of Limbaugh, Beck, Coulter and others is fear. “They are going to take our jobs.” And so on.
Most recently I heard one mention the fear that these children have exotic diseases and will be poisoning our people, not unlike our forefathers did to Native Americans in the not too distant past.
IMHO the greed portion of this formula comes primarily from the moneyed class that is behind the hatred. How much money does one really need to satisfy their greed?
Anyway, the chickens need tending, so have another good day my friends and carry on, carry on.