“You Are a Coward”

“You shot two defenseless men. And ran into the darkness.”
This is not an exact quote but as close as I can remember the Pennsylvania commander saying to the person(s) that shot and killed a state trooper last week.
Let me begin by declaring that no way in my wildest imaginations do I compare a human life to that of an animal.
Having said that let me continue with a thought that has been resting uneasy in my mind for a couple of days.
Sunday evening late news included what I would consider an infomercial. It was a clip about a young lady that filmed her first bear kill. The clip was wrapped around a commercial by a local gun dealer.
Now I watched the clip and saw how the young lady and her father had built a stand high up in a tree. They then set up a bait trap. A plastic barrel with some edible items in it covered by small logs.
It then showed a bear approach the barrel, knock off the logs, tip the barrel and begin to enjoy the fruits of his/her efforts.
It was not shown, but it appears that the bear was shot and killed at this time.
My question… Do people really enjoy this? The killing of defenseless animals using high powered rifles and standing above and out of sight of the clueless animal. This is considered sport?
Sounds more like the cowardice mentioned by the state trooper to me but, that’s just me.
I detest all killing.
Think about it, and then tell me why you pound your chest with bravado when you slay a defenseless animal for no reason other than the “fun” of it.

Bernie Sanders on Meet the Press

Just watched the segment and personally I thought Senator Sanders did a good job.
Chuck Todd tried to get him into talk about Hillary and the Democratic Party. Tried to get him to criticize both Hillary and President Obama.
Senator Sanders handled himself well, refused to fall for Todd’s goading. Stayed focused and talked about the millions of workers struggling to maintain a lifestyle while the Wall Street millionaires are the only ones enjoying the improved economy in America.
This man has a message that should play well with all working people in this country including the millennials that at one time supported Obama only to be let down.
Todd next went to the panel and bemoaned what he called the lack of fight in Sanders demeanor. He tried to get a fight going and was not successful in his efforts. The senator is too wise for Todd and his manipulative manners.
Later Todd shared President Obama’s 40 percent approval rating. Suggesting this is a bad sign for Democrats with the upcoming mid-terms.
I beg to differ Mr. Todd, the poor rating comes from the issues mentioned by Senator Sanders, and Democrats are poised to take this country back and will do so under the leadership of people like Senator Sanders.
If we vote, we WIN!

Open letter to Senator McCain and other WAR mongers

CC. President Obama
One question haunts me regarding the current WAR in the mid-east.
Who is going to pay for this? Or, how are we going to pay for this?
We cannot afford to put it on our MasterCard© like we did the last ones.
We cannot tax the poor, welfare cheese only goes so far.
Please don’t tell me we are going to eliminate Social Security and/or Medicare. As a fixed income senior I rely on these paid for benefits.
How about we tax the rich? That is, after all, where the money is in our current economy.
So come Senator, man up and contact your cohorts in the U.S. House and tell them to get to work on a bill to tax the rich to pay for this war.
Failing to do so will just show the public that Republicans have no fiscal responsibility or even worse they are soft on terrorism.
Please let me know the course of action you are taking ASAP, thank you.

America joins Holy Wars in Mid-east

Well, based on President Obama’s speech last night and what I see on this morning’s reports, the United States is going to increase their involvement in the holy wars taking place in Syria, Iraq and behind the scenes, in other mid-eastern countries.
My thoughts are, the atrocious murders of two reporters is the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. Many war profiteers have been working toward this goal for months and they will now be reaping the benefits of their efforts. We can only hope their benefits do not come from our sacrifices. But, based on past experiences, there is really little hope for this. Be prepared to witness the loss of American lives and a major increase in debt for the United States. Wars are not only terrible things they are also expensive in both lives and dollars.
Given that this is a done deal I have a couple of questions.
Whose side are we on, the Sunnis or the Shiites?
Who is on our side, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, anyone?
“Oh, what a tangled web we weave
When first we practice to deceive!”

We have always been in harms way!
Why are we still ignoring the terrorist threat from within? The radicals that kill police officers in their attempts at starting a civil disobedience and those that aim their assault weapons at government forces?

Empathy, perspective human nature

Noun: empathy
1. The ability to understand and share the feelings of another.
Do not know why, but it appears to me most right wingers suffer from a lack of this ability. Not sure if they were born that way or were trained to be that way but, I swear I see it all the time in them.
One fellow I know is fond of saying “Walk a mile in someone’s shoes and you will have new pair of shoes. You will also be a mile away so you can get away with them.”
The recent murder in Ferguson, Missouri brought many examples of this to the forefront with many debates regarding white privilege and the failure of many to even accept this as a reality.
This condition may tie in with perspectives, something I have blogged about in the past, don’t know, but here are a couple of true to life stories as examples of perspective or empathy or just general human nature.
Years back my job as a supervisor included addressing the problem of employees missing work without an excuse.
One of my good employees. A man that did his job as required, never missed a day and never gave me any grief for any reason. Did not make it to work one day, no call in sick, no request for time off, just failed to show. When he returned the next day I sat with him in the office. Attempting to keep this positive I started with. “We needed you here yesterday.” He replied. “They needed me somewhere else even more so.” I asked “And where might that be?” “The million man march in Washington D.C.” was his quick reply. I paused for a moment, looked at his smiling face and said. “I think you’re right. Now get to work and have a good day.”
Different perspective:
Another story of a good employee. This guy was my go to guy. If I needed someone to fill in for a missing employee or had a problem in any area, he was the guy I could always count on to help me out. He knew all the jobs and did them all proficiently. Only problem was; if he was there on Friday you could almost rest assured he would not be there on Monday. And Monday off meant he would be there Friday. My manager told me to take care of this problem worker, he misses too much time.
Again a set down in the office and my opening lines of complimentary remarks followed by the question. “Why do you only work 4 days a week?”
He paused for a brief moment and replied. “Because I can’t make it on 3 days.”
The cleanup crew often worked 7 days a week and many days 12 hours a day. I had an older man working for me and he was a good hard worker always volunteered to work any extra hours of overtime and did not miss any time.
One Saturday afternoon he came into the office with a request. He told me his birthday was tomorrow, he was turning 65. He said his wife had made a nice cake and invited all the kids over to celebrate. He then asked me if he could have the day off. I replied “Well of course you can have it off. Have a good day and enjoy yourself.” He then asked and got permission to use the phone.
He called his wife while I was sitting there and he said to her. “Well I asked him and he said I could not have it off.”
Damn! What a dude he was. Promised his wife he would ask for the day off and he did so.
He would get cake and sympathy when he got home. And I would continue to be the scoundrel dog that wouldn’t let him have his birthday off.
We exchanged smiles and he went back to work.
One more story. Same crew different employee.
This guy was ancient, had 50+ years on the job. Was not healthy enough to do a really good job but, showed up every day and did what he could. He became ill and took a few weeks off recuperating. On his return I sat with him in the office and discussed his health, his earned pension and the fact that he could retire any time he wanted to.
He told me his wife had passed years ago, his children were all out living on their own. “If I don’t get up and come in here for breakfast with my buddies why should I get up at all?”
Sad story? You be the judge. He seemed to be happy as he went back to work.

President Obama makes political decision

The President of the United States has just put immigration reform on the back burner. A slap in the face to millions of Mexican-Americans.
This decision was obviously made with short term political goals in mind. There are 4 or 5 Democratic senate candidates that are subject to losing based on this issue.
And you wonder why the millennials say they do not trust the government? Wonder no more.
Looking at the big picture one could say; well if they lose the senate, the Democrats would not have the power to do anything. Personally, with the tea party controlling the house, I see little difference no matter the results of the mid-terms.
But on the other hand, looking at the big picture one could say; well they have just thrown more supporters off the train. Not a good long term situation and likely to increase the number of people that have given up on our government.
Politics is nasty, dirty and ruthless. And our President has followed the American way and made a short term decision with the possibilities of creating a long term loss.
From a strictly ethical point of view, this action grieves me.
From a political point of view, this decision is acceptable. If we are to regain control of our government, it will come from the left (Democrats).
But fear not my friends, yesterday the U.S. Senate passed a bill to begin the elimination of Citizens United. The bill was passed with a bipartisan vote of 79 to 18.
A small step in a lengthy journey for sure, but a step in the right direction. Perhaps we will again see a government of, for and by the people.
Keep on keeping on my friends, there is a flicker of brightness in the distance.

Undeniable Proof of the Middle Eastern Christian God, Coming Soon!


Having no knowledge of this person (William Herbert Keller) I am reblogging this for input from anyone who knows him and wants to join me in supporting his efforts.

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BKeller-liveprayerChristians have been waiting for this moment for a painfully long, long time. It is the stuff of theistic dreams, the one thing above all other things longed for most by priest, preacher, apologist and layman alike, and now that it’s almost here, I can predict with enormous certainty that when the world learns of this stunning event every human being from now until eternity will proudly and enthusiastically call themselves, (Creationist) Christians. It sounds deliciously wondrous because it is, and it’s summed up in eleven stunning words: the end of faith, and the start of evidence-based belief. This news is so monumental, so massively earth-shattering it demands repeating: THE END OF FAITH, AND THE START OF EVIDENCE-BASED BELIEF, because coming soon, as early as next week in fact, irrefutable physical proof for the existence of the Middle Eastern god Christians worship will be delivered by the online miracle…

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