Anybody remember what those letters stand for? I first heard them in Econ 101 years back.
They stand for “There ain’t no free lunch.”
I bring this up today because I just received another email from a Obama hater. This email detailed how a Kenyan had just contacted the recipient with a prize notice about a winning lottery of umpteen million dollars. All that was required to collect the winnings was giving your bank account number and so on to the Kenyan.
And this was followed by a picture of President Obama wrapped in a robe symbolic of Kenyan tribal wear.
This picture carried the message of another “Kenyan” offering “free” healthcare for all. All one has to do is give up their social security number and so on.
While President Obama has not had my unflinching support, he is the President of the United States and this type of slander upsets me.
Secondly, anyone that thinks healthcare will be provided “free” to citizens of the world is either seriously confused or just trying to confuse others.
Again, there ain’t no free lunch. All health care is paid for in one manner or another. The big debate is how we are going to pay for it in America.
Prior to the ACA we paid for our health care using cash or paying insurance premiums. With insurance companies taking their profit off the top and hospitals charging $50 for an aspirin to defray the losses from indigent patients this proved to be an expensive way.
The ACA, while being a step in the right direction, still has the “for profit” insurance companies and hospitals involved and hopefully will be revised soon.
If we expect to have affordable health care for all, we must move in the direction of single payer or Medicare for all.
And yes, we will all be paying for this.


Democrats Vs Republicans, who cares?

Democrats Vs Republicans, who cares?

There are many times I have had similar thoughts. I have railed against both parties. TPP is one example of me being upset with a Democratic office holder.
Most everything the Republicans do irritates me, so no explanation is needed here.
But if one were to just “follow the money”, one would find that corporate powers including Wall Street money supports Republicans. With 71 percent of all donations coming from business and 58 percent of that money going to Republicans it is obvious that there is a difference between the two parties.
Union money accounts for only 5.4 percent of political donations, with 88 percent of their money going to Democratic candidates.
When taken as a whole we find that business donations out number labor donations by 15 to 1.
And these figures do not include all the pseudo non political moneys being spent by the billionaires such as the Koch brothers, the Devos, the Waltons and others.
In Michigan the Republicans have just increased the amount of “secret” money their wealthy donators can contribute to their campaigns.
In Wisconsin the Republicans have just eliminated early voting on nights and weekends and then extended the time lobbyists may donate to their campaigns.
With these hard facts in mind I will continue to support Democratic candidates in spite of my displeasure with some of their actions.
Working together we can regain control of our government, join us in our efforts.

Tax time nears for all U.S. Citizens

Tax time nears for all U.S. Citizens

I recently helped a young (Republican) friend with his taxes.
Upon completion of his 1040 he, like most Americans, lamented about how much he had to pay in taxes.
In my lifetime I do not recall meeting anyone that enthusiastically paid their taxes.
I did point out to my friend that, while his income puts him in the 25 percent tax bracket, his actual tax is only 15 percent. Slightly more than his hero Mitt Romney’s actual tax rate and far higher than most U.S. corporations.
The young man thought for a moment and then said. “You are pretty good at taxes, but otherwise you are an asshole.”
I find it totally rolling on the floor laughing my ass off funny when these people, when confronted with facts, resort to name calling and rage.
Now this young man is a good person and a good friend and I am sure his statement was partially in jest and I took it so.
*note to my friends, I have used extensive poetic justice in this post, relax.

Support Our Troops

Support Our Troops

We are not talking about the symbolic flag waving, singing and shout outs of “OORAH!” here.
We are talking about paying your damn taxes.
Knowing full well that 57 cents out of every dollar of discretionary spending by the U.S. government goes to the WAR department, what better way to support our troops than to pay your taxes with a smile. You may even want to send in an extra buck or two with instructions to give this to the WAR department.
Another way to support our troops would be contacting the Republicans in office and tell them to stop cutting benefits to the troops and our veterans.
A large percentage of Americans receiving food stamps are both active duty military and veterans. Think about this next time you thank a soldier for his/her service to our country.
While I am sure they all appreciate your kind words, a little food on the table would be even more appreciated; don’t you think?
Speaking of the 57 cents being spent on the WAR department; we should all be proud. While the U.S. has fallen in rankings for health care, education, living standards and general quality of life worldwide; we are still number 1 in WAR spending.
Makes one proud; don’t you think?



Hobby Lobby still not selling birth control pills
A poster on Facebook said she was just kicked out of the twelfth Hobby Lobby for asking for birth control. 
In related news most, if not all, major U.S. corporations have their lawyers working feverishly on an effort to become Amish. And would it be possible to become an Amish church?
Wall Street banksters are treading more slowly in this effort as they are attempting to interpret this bible phrase attributed to former President Jimmy Carter “The bible says, you do not charge interest to poor people.”
The Supreme Court of the United States is hearing a case that would excuse Hobby Lobby, a privately held company, from providing birth control to their employees based on religious conviction.
Most of those opposed to this are issuing concerns about what other laws will businesses be allowed to scoff based on religious convictions.
The short answer to this question is: with the corporate control of our government and courts they will be allowed to skirt any law they deem unprofitable.
Beware my friends, if you think the military-industrial complex is a mighty force, a religion-industrial complex could be even mightier.
Gonna warm up soon, keep the faith.

Idealism versus Realism

Idealism versus Realism

Friends, I have been posting many idealistic goals of mine on this site. I do however maintain a certain degree of realism. The reality being I do not expect to achieve all of my idealistic goals. This reality will not deter me from seeking these goals.
In example I have been calling for an increase in Social Security including basing cola on the actual expenses incurred by seniors. There are currently 5 or 6 national senators calling for this*.
But reality tells me with the last 40 years of constant pressure from the main stream media telling us Social Security will not be available when you retire, this will be a difficult goal to achieve. (Never give UP). How many people do you know that believed this up to the day they began collecting Social Security? Never give UP, all things are possible to those who preserver.
I have called for an end to Citizens United. In reality with the current government under the tight reins of corporatist control, this is not about to happen next week. But additional reality tells me, it can be done if we all get to the polls and elect good people who work for the people. You all remember that “We the people” thing don’t you?
I have called for an increase in minimum wage. Reality tells us this would be beneficial for all people.
• Link to senators
• Link to take action.
And here is something I just became aware of that is another example of the greed being perpetrated on us by the Republicans in power. Another reality we have to stop!
Read this and join me in getting out the vote next November.

Just saw a new ad by the Koch brothers on the TeeVee. Tell them to get the hell out of Michigan, take their billions home and do something good with it.

A couple of thoughts today

A couple of thoughts todaysparty

The Good!
Both Michigan and Michigan State have advanced to the sweet sixteen.
The Bad!
Michigan’s Rick Snyder continues with his making life miserable for the common folk; will not provide marriage benefits to those gays that got married last Saturday morning.
The ugly!
Prior to Snyder and the Republicans taking over our state, as a senior citizen, I used to get a tax refund based on property taxes paid.
Do these people have no end to their greed?
Malaysia has declared flight MH370 lost, on the bottom of the deep blue Indian Ocean.
The cynic in me says I will believe it when they find the plane/flight recorder.
Saw an interesting show on the teevee this morning dealing with how the military (actually government contractors) used indentured servants in Afghanistan. Probably still using them for all we know. This is a disgrace and all Americans should shout out for a stop to this human trafficking situation.
Still working on next film festival and seeking titles of movies you all want to see.
Election year activities picking up, are you all ready to vote this fall?
It is still rather cold in this part of the world.