A suggestion for my friends in the Green Party

This is not the suggestion, just a picture to keep the youtube video embedded. :)

First, a wee bit of background.
The two party system in American politics has a lock on our government. This comes from various reasons, possibly the greatest being money.
At this point a round of “Money makes the world go round the world go round” would be fitting, if you care to join me. ;)

There that feels better, now back to some facts.

There are states in this union where it is virtually impossible to get on the ballot for president as a third party candidate.
Main stream media supports the two party system and cracking that lock to get any coverage is also nearly impossible.
Based on these few facts this is my suggestion.

What about sacrificing just a bit of our purity and joining the Democrats and using our efforts to pull/drag/push the party in your direction?

Go to the local monthly meetings, get involved spend a few bucks and become a dues paying member. Really get involved, volunteer for committees and voice your opinions.
Do not expect an overnight change in the parties goals and efforts but, do look forward to a hard left turn in the near future because of your efforts.

You can and will do more to promote your desires this way than standing on the outside shouting and fussing.
If you are still not convinced, think for a moment about how the tea party has dragged the Republicans so far to the right that some of them are scared.
This message is not just for Green Party folk but for all Progressives that feel the Democratic Party is too far right for their liking.
You can make a difference from within, just do it!

And my Friend from the North shares her view

Notestoponder, a blogger from Vancouver, has posted in her blog an opinion piece regarding Hillary Clinton’s run for the presidency of the United States.
In reading her blog it appears she considers Hillary to be too boring to be a viable candidate. She is inspired by Elizabeth Warren, a true breath of fresh air.
Hillary is just a replay of days gone by. Nothing inspirational here.

IMHO Hillary is the only chance the Democrats have of winning the White House. She is pragmatic, she knows that in order to win she must have the support of “big” money including Wall Street money.

The Democratic Party has failed in their efforts at delivering a message to the voters that inspires them to get out and vote. This is evident in the results of the last few elections. Republicans came out in numbers significant enough to win numerous races.

The Democrats won the presidency because they had a gimmick, a black candidate. In the upcoming election they will need another gimmick, say a female candidate.

Personally, I think Hillary is further left than she lets on, she did try to get national health care when she was first lady.

Elizabeth Warren has the correct ideas regarding income inequality and I support her fully in her efforts to help the middle class and lower income people in America. However she does not have what it takes to win a national campaign in experience and skill. YET!

I also like Bernie Sanders but his “socialist” tag would be his albatross.
So, while I agree to some extant with Notestoponder, Hillary is boring and just another pawn of the Oligarchs. I do think she is the Democratic Parties only chance of holding the White House.

Ah what a shame, again the lesser of two evils gets my vote.

Link to Notestoponder’s blog here…..

Special note to notes, I hope i have not misinterpreted your blog. If so I apologize. :)

Time for a Sea Change in American Law Enforcement?

This shooting, killing and brutality has to stop.
Hardly a day goes by without another video of police officers doing some form of brutality popping up, either on the web or less frequently on the corporate controlled media.
Has the culture of police reached a point of no return?

Some years back in a neighborhood watch meeting a local police officer was instructing us on how to deal with a would be breaking and entering. He suggested we take our gun, point it at the baseboard in a room and fire a warning shot followed by a shot at the suspect. He then jokingly said, the warning shot can be made either before or after you shoot the burglar.
Personally, the humor escaped me.

Have our police become so hardened that violence is their first reply to a confrontational experience?
Or even worse, have they been trained to act with such violence in these situations?
I don’t know, but it may be time to begin ridding our police of their current forces and replenish them with officers who are trained to only use force as a last resort. Officers who are trained to serve and protect ALL the citizens of our communities.

Maybe it is not just the police, maybe it is time for a sea change in American culture. We are also being inundated with common citizens shooting and killing each other on an almost daily basis.

Remembering an America where unlocked doors and an unarmed citizenry were the norm makes me long for the “good old days”.
What do you think?

South Carolina Policeman Shoots and Kills Black Man

One thing being overlooked in this case is the fact that the man was behind in his child support payments.
In most southern states being behind in child support while also being black is punishable with the death penalty.
Like stealing a pack of cigarillos while being black in Ferguson, Mo.
Or selling singles while being black in New York, NY.
Or even being mentally unstable while being black in Saginaw, Mi.
And many other cases which shall be left untold here.
Release of dash cam video brings up another no, no. Running from police while being black is also a crime punishable with the death penalty.
Per police reports all killings were the result of police being attacked by those nasty black men.
There have also been unconfirmed reports of police being attacked by gay people but, it is too early to determine the validity of these reports, no shots have been fired yet.
What must we do to teach these men to stop attacking those poor defenseless police officers?
Come on men, you know the rules.

Boston Bomber

The young man has been found guilty of all 30 counts he was tried on. Now comes the sentencing stage of the trial.
Regular readers of this blog know of my feelings regarding killing people, anyone not knowing should know, I am against it.

There is some discussion as to the proper penalty for this crime. Many are calling for the death penalty. I have heard no one, save his attorney, call for life in prison.

Personally, I think life in prison is the correct penalty. Killing him would serve no purpose other than possibly bringing some temporary comfort to those that lost loved ones as a result of this evil action.

People that do these type things have no fear of death, rather they expect to die. It is part of their plan, to go down as a martyr.

Let this young man that was led astray by his brother and his religion spend the remaining years of his life in prison.

Let this young man that was led astray by his religion and his brother spend the remaining years of his life in prison.
Your call as to the correct phrasing of above sentences.

The Pet Rock

A fad from the 1970s came about when a California advertising man (Gary Dahl) came up with the idea after a conversation with friends dealing with the difficulty of owning pets.
When I first heard of it my thoughts were: “what a brilliant marketing ploy. Somebody has come up with an item so stupid the masses will make him rich.” I also thought I would not spend a nickel buying one of those things.
Well lo and behold Mr. Dahl did become an instant millionaire from this silly idea. And I did receive one as a gift.
It sat on my dresser for a while and eventually disappeared. Did it run away for lack of attention? We will never know, but it is gone.

This memory was brought to my attention by a lifelong friend when discussing the stupidity involved in the recent Indiana law making it legal to discriminate against gays.

The dust has settled a bit on this fiasco with Indiana adjusting the law after their eyes were opened. Opened not to the ignorance of the law, but rather to the possible economic consequences of the law.

Speaking of economic consequences of the law, a small pizza shop in Indiana was forced to shut down after coming out in support of the law. But a go fund me account was set up in their support and they are now close to becoming instant millionaires.

Still more pet rocks to sell for sure.
Never underestimate the gullibility of Americans.
Think about it my friends, think about it.
Link to detailed history of the pet rock…..

A weeping heart

Sitting here watching a 17 year old lad agonize over the fact that someone put his coke back in the refrigerator. “She touched it and now it is full of germs.” This followed by slurred profanities and a refusal to listen to anyone. 

Then going into a closet and continuing with moans of disgust, anger and frustration with not being able to handle the situation. 

Finally after washing his hands a few times mom settles him enough to sit down and eat a sandwich she served him with a fresh can of coke.

He sits alone at the table quietly eating  the sandwich. Now he gets up to re-wash his hands, drying them with a clean towel from the drawer. 

He has eaten enough and will now watch cartoons on his phone. All will be well, until the next time he crashes. 

Now I ask you, where is your God? Why must this lad suffer so? He did not ask to come into this world afflicted as he is. 

My heart weeps for this lad and all the other lads and lassies in the world that must spend their lives experiencing bursts of pain and suffering.