Again, I say We are Better than this!

In Washington D.C. yesterday, the woman’s march was just one event taking place.  Also going on was the Indigenous People’s March. Here I share a picture of a group of young boys from Covington Catholic High School in Park Hills, Ky. These students are mocking and harassing Nathan Phillips, an Omaha elder and Vietnam War veteran. Phillips was closing out the ceremonies of the Indigenous Peoples March by blessing the grounds of the Lincoln Memorial when he was approached by 30 or 40 teenaged boys. Many of these young boys wore shirts or hats bearing trumps campaign slogan “Make America Great Again.”

Here is a link to the video of this disgusting behavior…. Watching this brings both anger and sadness to me, watch at your discretion.

Now, my friends please turn your eyes to the next video another group of young people. Young people from around the world. Young people who have filled their hearts with love and kindness in direct conflict to the anger and hate demonstrated by the young boys from Covington Catholic High School. After watching this video let us agree, this is the youth we should all respect and support.


Thank you for letting me vent. Love trumps hate!


We Are Better than This!

To my friends around the world. Please have some faith, we Americans are currently going thru some very tough times. 

There are many reasons for our dismal state.  Some go way back: Elimination of the fairness doctrine created forty years of hate radio and propaganda television. Creeping control of our government by oligarchs interested in increasing their personal wealth at the expense of the masses. Citizens United ruling from the Supreme Court gave even more power to the wealthy few.

With our government currently shut down by trump, things are not looking promising. 

For those that are not privy to what created this a brief summary.

Last month our congress including our republican controlled senate passed a funding bill which included 1.6 billion for border security. Trump had agreed to sign the bill but then Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter let loose with a barrage of criticism of the bill. Suggesting that trump had caved to the Democrats. Of course, trump followed suit by refusing to sign the bill thereby shutting down the government. Since that time the Democratic controlled house has passed bills to end the shutdown. The senate under the dismal leadership of Mitch McConnell has failed to act on any of these bills.

Shamefully, some federal workers have reached the point of selling their plasma to survive without a paycheck. The local business’s and contractors who rely on federal workers for support are the real victims of this dastardly deed by trump.

Speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi has considered eliminating the middle man and going right to Putin, Limbaugh and Coulter for direct talks on ending the shutdown. No word on how this is going.

Speaker Pelosi has also cancelled trumps invitation to deliver the state of the union address at the house chambers. Trump responded by cancelling a congressional trip to visit the troops in Afghanistan.  He is also considering removing all pencils from the house chambers and giving his state of the union address in a Macdonald’s parking lot where he will be offering hamberders at a discount to all participants.

At this point it may be beneficial to contact our senators requesting support for the bills passed by the house.  Calling (202) 224-3121 will connect you with the senate switchboard where you can get connected with your senator. You can also donate to your local food bank, many are stepping up and providing food to those suffering from the trump shutdown.

Keep in mind, trump lost the election by 3 million votes. There is still hope.

Closing with a shout out to the brave and hearty ladies attending the woman’s march this weekend. You go ladies! 

What does it take to make amends?

Kevin Hart was recently on the Ellen DeGeneres show. Ellen was urging Kevin to host the Academy Awards show this year.  Kevin had dropped this gig after some homophobic tweets and jokes he had made back in 2011 were made public. Kevin had apologized for this more than once but, he was not going to host the show. 

While her urging did not change his mind, it did get some backlash from the gay community.

CNN’s Don Lemon took offense with DeGeneres calling Hart’s critics “haters”. He said that “moving on does not make the world a better place for people who are gay or people who are transgender.”

Now, I have to ask what does Lemon want? What could/should Hart do to make the world a better place for people who are gay or transgender?

Here is a link suggesting making amends is more than just an apology. Perhaps the answer can be found there.

Sadly, in the world we live in one cannot tell any sort of joke without offending someone.

What do you think?

Political Miscellany

Having followed politics for all my adult life, the current situation has me befuddled. Are we witnessing the downfall of the American empire? The Democratic takeover of the house of representatives leads me to think no we are coming back to sanity. On the other hand, the Republican controlled senate and Mitch McConnell’s refusal to reel in trump and his maniac antics worries me. 

Latest reports have FBI investigating trump for being a Russian asset, either knowingly or unknowingly. Republican talking heads are complaining about the leakers, not a word about the possibility of having a spy in the White House. 

Personally, I think if the FBI had found concrete evidence of trump being a Russian spy they would have already acted upon such evidence. But he could be an unknowing asset which would be harder to prove. Didn’t Putin call him a useful idiot?

In Michigan we passed a ballot measure designed to eliminate gerrymandering. Over the protest of Betsy DeVos and the state chamber of commerce. Good news, but the lame duck legislators did their best at restricting future petition driven ballot measures. In addition to this both Michigan and Wisconsin’s lame duck Republican legislators have done everything possible to cripple/handicap the incoming Democratic governors and additional administration officials.

The Democrats are beginning to enter their names as potential presidential candidates for 2020. This has already started some debate amongst the active supporters of Democratic candidates.

Personally, I am as far left as one can get without joining the green party. I supported Bernie last election but did vote for Hillary in the general election. I got chastised soundly during that primary for saying “Of all the republicans running I think Hillary is the best.” Some folks just can’t take a joke.  I was on a left- wing site and recently posted a note suggesting we must all agree to support the Democratic candidate next election. The administrator told me to take that shit to I replied he should take his shit to Before I could say more I was booted off the site. A good way to win support don’t you think?

Now for a positive ending. The women’s march is taking place next weekend January 19. Busses from throughout the country are heading to D.C. for the march. There will also be marches in various locations for those that want to participate without going to D.C.

For more info and locations go to this site.

If you can’t attend you may want to donate a couple bucks to this worthwhile effort. If you don’t have a couple bucks to donate just give em your moral support by posting on social media or sharing the info with others. 

Whatever you do carry on my friends, carry on. 🙂

Just a hug.

We were in a rented condo in Florida. Nice place but not elaborate. The kitchen had two refrigerators for some unknown reason and I had just found some ice cream in one of them.

Vanilla spritzes or something like that, not my first choice but I was really wanting some ice cream so this would do.

Half-gallon, well 3/5s of a half-gallon or something like that. Convenient for me; much easier to grasp than the old real half-gallons, as I wondered about the kitchen looking for a bowl. Interestingly the price had remained the same after this downsizing of the product but, that’s another story.

So, I’m searching for a bowl when lovely wife comes into room and asks. “What are you doing?” “Looking for a bowl for my ice cream.” Was my reply. “Did you look in the cupboards?” she asked. Snapping to attention I quickly replied “Yes I did m’love.” Adding a pseudo salute for emphasis. This has become my standard response to her for years when she asks me what I consider a stupid question. It always works much better than a blunt response such as “Why are you asking me such a stupid question?” or a sarcastic one such as “No, I have been looking behind the curtains.”

She then told me there may be some bowls in the lower cupboard on the end over there. Pointing at cupboard as she spoke. Lower cupboards are not my friend, have to get right down on the floor to search thru them but, I was desperate. So, I place the 3/5s of a half gallon of ice cream on the counter and laid down on my side and began the search.  Quickly noticing these were vases and flower pots not bowls. Showed a few to wife explaining the wrongness of this search. By now she was on her knees behind me looking in cupboard. She said “That white thing looks like it may be a bowl.” I replied “Jesus Christ Lois that’s a watering can!” To which she responded with a chuckle “There may be a blow down there.” While pointing to my groin area.  Oh man, here I am taking my frustrations out on my wife and she is just trying to help me. I better roll over and give her a hug. I began to roll over and then I woke up. 

No wife, no hug, no ice cream but it was a pleasant dream anyway. 😉

New Years Eve

Yesterday, New Years Eve, grandson asks me if we are going to a party tonight. Had to tell him we hadn’t been invited to any party and I had not heard of anyone having a party. As we age we tend to lower the importance/value of New Years Eve and it’s parties. At least my family does.

So he said let’s have a party. I will call my parents and invite them over. I agreed to his surprising request, somewhat stunned. Never expected him to want such a party. But he does like being with family and close friends. Spending all his time with a septuagenarian tends to be quite boring for a 20 year old.

I then suggested he call his aunts and uncles inviting them also. He demurred suggesting I send out a group text inviting them. Again his social insecurities prevailed. I complied with his request and got but one reply. One daughter said she would be spending the evening with her husband at rehab center. Son replied later saying he was going to bake a frozen pizza and have a whiskey after.

Not to be discouraged grandson and I went to work cleaning house and I ordered snacks and pop for party. (In Michigan, pop is what we call soda.) After delivery of snacks we spread them out on table and snapped a picture. This picture was sent out to invitees as bait to lure them in. Still no word from anyone.

Grandson and I then sat and waited for the crowd to arrive. 5:30, dark outside and still no sign of visitors arriving. 6:30 grandson spots car out front excitedly says “someone’s here.” Only to follow with “Oh no that’s just the neighbor.” Still no word from anyone. Explained to grandson these people don’t usually start partying until later at night.

7:30 pm get a text from other grandson asking if we are having a party. I reply with slight lie, Yes and it is getting rowdy come on over. (This grandson was not in on original text message, how did he know?)

Then messages came, How much beer do you have and what can I bring? Soon after messages son arrived with his dog and then rest of invitees. They brought additional snacks and beer.

We all sat around the table and played a bastardized version of Euchre. Having a few beers and snacks. Fun for all. Ending with ringing in the New Year with the talking heads on tv.

Grandson and I both enjoyed the evening and thank the others for joining us.

The Invisible Primary is up and Running

Democratic party has 30-40 folks testing the waters for a presidential run. Personally, my choice will not be made for at least a year. However, of the names mentioned so far, three are on my not list. Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. This is not to say I don’t think any of these three would not be an excellent president. This is to say they each had their swing at the piñata and missed, time to send in a fresh player.

My real excitement comes from watching the other side of the aisle. What the hell are they going to do? No telling what position the cult leader will be in come election time. Take my word for it, he will not be in jail. America does not operate like that. He may be an active candidate, he has been campaigning constantly since the last presidential election.  Based on his state of mind, we may see him resting peacefully in a care unit somewhere.  

We are sure there are many working behind the scenes on a replacement should he be either taken down or remove himself. The vice-president has entered the field of questionable characters as the Mueller probe continues. Will the party seek out another cultist or will they search for what used to be a republican candidate?  In either case who will it be? 

Send me your best guesses I would be glad to share them and your thoughts here.More later, carry on my friends, carry on!