“With Out You, There Is No Us”

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A memoir by Suki Kim


This book shares the memories of Suki Kim’s time spent with the sons of North Korea’s elite.


The author pretended to be a Christian missionary so she could teach English in a school for young men, the sons of North Korea’s elite.

Each week the teachers had a gathering. A meeting where confessions were shared and hymns were sung. These meetings had to be held without the knowledge of the students because anything that could or would be construed as proselytizing would result in expulsion or even worse, possible imprisonment. This closing paragraph from the segment caught my attention .


“Our service inevitably included testimonies—tearful stories in which personal things were revealed, as if it were group therapy. Stories—this world seemed full of stories. It was rare for anyone to actually see Kim Jong-il, so everything we heard about him was a story. And my Christian colleagues had their stories too, in their Bible.”


Just something to think about.

Now y’all get on with it.:)




Charlie was a cantankerous old fart I had the pleasure of knowing some 40 odd years ago.

Well, he wasn’t really old just 15-20 years older than me but, he was indeed cantankerous. He was also a somewhat private person. Never exposing himself to me or others in our environment.

I surmised he was an ex GM employee that had transferred from some place in New York to Saginaw; foundries in both locations.

Charlie’s wife was a nurse and I think he was a “kept man”. We were in the real estate business and the year or so I worked with him I think he may have sold one house.


He was gruff and outspoken, not carrying a bit for what others thought or felt upon receiving one of his barbs.

While I personally felt no dislike for Charlie, I did have a small fear of falling victim to one of his sarcastic blasts. So for the most part I kept quiet when Charlie was among us.

If you were to call him Charlie or Chuck he would immediately correct you, “It’s Charles.”

So, why do I refer to “the pleasure of knowing” him?

You see Charlie did provide me with some knowledge during our time together.

You have to be from Michigan and play Euchre to understand this but one thing he taught me: “If you are going to jump the fence, you had better be ready to play it alone.” This message was delivered with both sarcasm and disgust.

Charlie also taught me the joys of a very dry Martini on the rocks and lightly stirred so as not to bruise the booze.

Probably the best thing Charlie ever taught me was a phrase he uttered one time during a group chat. I do not recall the exact context of the discussion but he said, “It’s not your wife or your life, it’s only your money.”

This phrase stuck with me forever and my wife liked it a lot.

Now, having lost my wife, the phrase really comes home.

Think about it my friends, and every day make sure you have your priorities correct.

Having Fun or Enjoying Yourself


Is there a difference?


Went to a bar last night with my daughter and her husband. There was live entertainment, a guy with a guitar and a decent singing voice who told some good jokes as he bantered with the crowd.

A couple times during the evening my daughter asked me if I was having fun. I replied in the affirmative, “yes I am having fun”.

But I thought about it a bit.  The two young ladies sitting at the other side of the horseshoe shaped bar seemed to be having fun, they were laughing heartily and smiling. The baldish man with what appeared to be a diamond stud in each ear seemed to be having fun. He made a quick hit on my daughter until he saw she was holding my hand. He then quickly bought the two young laughing ladies a drink. Before I could give it another thought he was over there standing between the two, bobbing his head joyfully to the music as they hand fed him French fries.

The lady who stood in front of the singer doing her best at gyrating to the music being played, as she listened to the double entrée jokes being made. At her expense? Maybe, maybe not, she was having fun.

I laughed out loud at a couple of the jokes, they were funny. Not sure if I laughed to convince my daughter I was having fun or it was actually spontaneous laughter. I know it wasn’t forced.

I did not jump up and wave my arms or clap my hands in fun but, all in all the evening was an enjoyable experience for me.

So my question still lies unanswered. Having fun or enjoying yourself, is there a difference?


ISIS is Winning This War!




Sweet little ladies now feel they must be packing heat in order to be safe.

FBI tells us. If we see something, say something.

Shades of the Soviet Union; neighbors squealing on neighbors, brothers on brothers, parents on children and children on parents.

Christian leaders telling their flock to arm themselves and eliminate Muslims. Jim Jones lives!

Elected government officials saying it is ok for terrorists to purchase assault weapons.

This is so very sad, this America we all used to feel safe in is now much like a mid-eastern country with daily shoot outs and knifings.

This condition brought on by corporate controlled main stream media and their compliance with the Oligarchs trying to scare us into insanity.

Based on what I am reading in social media, many have already been scared into that state of insanity.

And all so the Koch Brothers and their kind can increase their wealth.

Oh, what a sorry time we are living in.

Is The Lord Evil?

Just finished reading a book where the author contends the Creator was/is Evil

His contention is: The creator created this universe so he/she could set back and laugh at us or just amuse himself watching our antics.

The Creator is indeed fascinated and actually thrilled watching us self-destruct as the following examples attest to.

Watching us kill each other because of our determination that we are the only ones that know him for real.

Watching us come unglued when someone says “Happy Holidays.”

Watching us condemn others because they have sexual preferences that are different from ours.

In some places they even murder people for having these sexual preferences. What a laugher that is.

Looking on in amusement when Americans get totally upset viewing videos of terrorists beheading prisoners and ignoring the same deed when done by our “friends” in Saudi Arabia. (19 times in the last month)

The creator laughs out loud (LOL) when the people cringe in fear after terrorists kill 129 in Paris while ignoring the thousands killed annually by gunfire in the United States.

Ah yes the Creator does indeed enjoy the fruits of his/her efforts don’t you think.

The book “The Owner of All Infernal Name” by John Zande

The author goes into much more detail explaining the premise. The book is a living example of Poe’s law, it does make uncomfortable sense.

It can be purchased from Amazon with all profits going to Animal Shelters in Brazil.

Food for thought my friends.

Last Summer at the Pickle Festival in Pinconning Michigan

While attending this festival and wearing a Bernie Sanders t-shirt a senior gentleman asked me “Who is this Bernie fellow and what is he running for?”

I replied “He is running for President on the Democratic ticket.” He replied “Oh you mean that fellow from New Hampshire?” I paused for a moment not sure if i should correct him as to Bernie’s home state being Vermont, lovely wife piped in with, “Yes, are you going to vote for him?”

He responded with a quick and abrupt “No.” I just smiled and walked on.

Now fast forward to last week. Leaving the doctor’s office at Covenant Medical Center. 800 Cooper Avenue Saginaw, Michigan. Waiting for what must be the slowest elevator in the continental United States.  I was wearing the shirt pictured here.


The elevator doors opened and two senior folk, one man one woman looked at me and simultaneously said. “I like your shirt.” I smiled and said “thank you, I like it too”.

We are making progress….  join us at. https://berniesanders.com/

Thanks and carry on my friends, carry on! :)