Ponder Fox News


By virtue of proximity and despite two dedicated news sources of our own, Canadian businesses favor CNN. Without exception, hotel bars, financial institutions and corporate offices display muted CNN backdrops. Fox is a non-issue, Canadians shun twisted babble contrary to the fibre of our collective identity. In 2010 while working at a Hilton hotel two American businessmen entered the bar. Immediate disdain for CNN enveloped the room, protestation vocalized as “Communist News Network” preceded their first sip of Jack Daniels. As manager on duty it fell on me to politely explain Fox wasn’t an option.

Communist News Network, a disquieting statement spoken with ease of a baseball score. Right wing America had my attention, those three words delivered a epiphany – dismissive scorn for all things Fox was lazy, conduct no different than knee jerk conservative condemnation of CNN. Distasteful as it might be, Fox loomed as a necessary evil…

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Ponder Ancient Muslim Tolerance

a common sense solution to one of the major problems facing the world today.


I doubt many could fathom a world of religious tolerance under Islam. Ancient history lends itself to images of holy war, crusades and religious oppression.

Sultan Mehmed II conquered Constantinople in 1453 – a crushing blow in favour of the Ottoman Empire – orchestrated by a 21 year old visionary. According to Sharia law, non-Muslims were guaranteed freedom and protection from persecution. Once Ottoman rule was established, it made little sense to squabble over religious differences.

The Arabic word for “nation” is millet. The Ottoman Empire allowed each “millet” or religious group to elect leaders and practice freely as a “nation” under Ottoman protection. Each “millet” was free to enforce their own rules – Islamic law did not apply to non-Muslim “nations”.Criminal acts within a “millet” were dealt with under religious laws of that nation. The only time Islamic law applied was when crimes involved people of two separate nations or was perpetrated…

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DeVos Family Contributes Lavishly to Legislators Who Defeated Detroit Charter School Oversight

thanks for the data. will share now.


I grew up in Montana, where in Montana history class we learned that at one time Anaconda Copper owned the state legislature. While the patrons have changed over the decades, the political process hasn’t been cleaned up. Amazingly the extraction industry has been replaced by the education sector these days in a number of states. On Tuesday this blog covered the investments being made in Ohio to block the regulation of the notorious online charter schools. Today the subject is Michigan and the massive payoffs this summer by Dick and Betsy DeVos, the Grand Rapids couple who made their fortune in Amway. Dick and Betsy DeVos have been investing heavily this summer to ensure that Detroit’s for-profit charter operators won’t be regulated.

Stephen Henderson, editorial page editor of the Detroit Free Press, explains: “There’s nothing more difficult than proving quid pro quos in politics, the instances in which…

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Define ‘Standard Retard’

The Undaunted Democrat


I’m a pretty easy going person. Usually things people do and say rolls off me like water off a ducks back, but sometimes people say or do something that just makes me wish I could be put in a locked room with them for ten minutes.

Such is the case with Ann Coulter and her attempt to excuse Trump when he mimicked a handicapped reporter. That miserable, poor excuse of a human being said, “Trump was just imitating a ‘standard retard,’ not mocking the reporter’s handicap.”

What the hell is a ‘standard retard,’ Ann Coulter? One of my sisters was mentally retarded. At age 12 she was made a ward of the state of Oregon because Dad caught some boys trying to take advantage of her and  didn’t think he could give her proper care. If he only knew.

When she went into the home my sister’s mind was the…

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Pondering The Newsroom

hopefully someone will see this and see the light.


The Newsroom was an HBO political drama series that aired from June 2012 – December 2014. Starring Jeff Daniels as Will McAvoy, news anchor at fictional Atlantis Cable News. Twenty five episodes over three brief “seasons” cemented The Newsroom atop my list of remarkable TV productions. Posted below are a handful of clips chosen to illustrate America’s indifference towards common sense truth – scripted Will McAvoy snippets ringing truer than anything blithered on non-fictional U.S. media today. The content may be dated, the message is anything but.


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Black Lives Matter? All Lives Matter? No Lives Matter?


So I pull into the gas station.

On the other side of the pump island is a car driven by a black lady with a black male sitting in the passenger seat. Got out of my car and asked the lady if she had purchased her gas yet. She said no, appeared to be digging a card out of her wallet. I then asked her if it would be ok if I bought her gas today, did not want to offend her. She looked at me and replied with a quizzical grin, yes.

Not sure what thought went through her mind at the time, could have been anything from this crazy old white guy wants to pay for my gas to this has to be some kind of scam or sales pitch.

Regardless, I proceeded to the pump inserted my card and began pumping gas.


When completed the lady stepped out of car and reached out her hand to thank me. I shook her hand and said to her. “Miss, I want you to know why I did this… I did this because black lives matter.”

The smile spread across her face like a bright sun rise breaking through an early morning fog. She held out her hand again and repeated the thank you with an added God bless you.

I said you’re welcome and bless you also. Then went back to my car to get my own gas.

To me the warm smile and handshake was more than worth every dollar’s worth of gas I had pumped into her car.

Have no idea what went through her mind as she drove off, but I choose to think she drove off happy and looking forward to sharing an act of kindness with some other happily surprised citizen of the universe.  Not necessarily buying someone a tank of gas or even spending any money at all, just doing some unexpected kindness to a fellow inhabitant of this world we all try to live in.

Sharing this in full support of “Love trumps Hate” and in hoping you too will share some kindness today.


Carry on my friends, carry on.