Is The Lord Evil?

Just finished reading a book where the author contends the Creator was/is Evil

His contention is: The creator created this universe so he/she could set back and laugh at us or just amuse himself watching our antics.

The Creator is indeed fascinated and actually thrilled watching us self-destruct as the following examples attest to.

Watching us kill each other because of our determination that we are the only ones that know him for real.

Watching us come unglued when someone says “Happy Holidays.”

Watching us condemn others because they have sexual preferences that are different from ours.

In some places they even murder people for having these sexual preferences. What a laugher that is.

Looking on in amusement when Americans get totally upset viewing videos of terrorists beheading prisoners and ignoring the same deed when done by our “friends” in Saudi Arabia. (19 times in the last month)

The creator laughs out loud (LOL) when the people cringe in fear after terrorists kill 129 in Paris while ignoring the thousands killed annually by gunfire in the United States.

Ah yes the Creator does indeed enjoy the fruits of his/her efforts don’t you think.

The book “The Owner of All Infernal Name” by John Zande

The author goes into much more detail explaining the premise. The book is a living example of Poe’s law, it does make uncomfortable sense.

It can be purchased from Amazon with all profits going to Animal Shelters in Brazil.

Food for thought my friends.