Free Pepe !!

Pepe Le Voucher was just harassed by local police on Mackinac Island. He was there to shed a light on the atrocities being discussed at the annual Mackinac Policy Conference that I had mentioned in yesterday’s blog.

Well, how long before Pepe is not just harassed but actually arrested? In a preventative mode and in order to maintain Pepe’s rights to assemble and free speech there is a true grass roots movement starting to “FREE PEPE” If you are interested in joining the group please contact me via email.

Or you can join by going to the Face book page

I have included a couple of links explaining in more detail the dastardly deeds being laid out by the plutocrats. Beware today they get the skunk, tomorrow it could be you or me!

Snyder and Duncan shadowed by Progress Michigan’s ‘Pepe Le Voucher’


For months, Snyder’s skunk works group was meeting behind closed doors

From The Detroit News:


Mackinac Policy Conference

English: Mug shot of Leona Helmsley.

English: Mug shot of Leona Helmsley. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The annual Mackinac Policy Conference is up and running at Mackinac Island’s Grand Hotel.  This is a gathering of wealth similar to the days of the Great Gatsby.

The Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce, the only union still looked upon with favor in our country today.  Is sponsoring this grand event and have invited the wealthy from across the nation.

Of course the primary goal is promoting the state Republican’s goals of wealth accumulation for the few at the expense of the many and convincing the many that this is a good thing.

Jeb Bush, possible presidential candidate in 2016 despite what his mom says, is supposed to be keynote speaker.  He has already laid heaps of praise on Michigan’s governor Rick Snyder.

Snyder is in a bit of a quandary here as his loyalty has always been to Dick DeVos who is also in attendance.  But worry not, Snyder is a shrewd politician and will work something out.

The agenda is to include a reading of proposed legislation submitted by ALEC. They are working on finding a way to submit these bills sans the ALEC heading.

After a few days of schmoozing the event will end with the presentation of the famed Leona Helmsley “Taxes are for the little people” award.   This much coveted award is an honor and many are doing behind the scenes politicking in an attempt to win it.

Contenders are too numerous to list as all the state Republicans in attendance have voted to raise taxes on senior citizens and cut funding to low income folks.


Or Current Resident

Don’t you just love it when you get something in the mail with this address on it?

On the one hand you could be offended, how important am I to this company if they feel “current resident” is just as valuable?

But on the other hand (I like to talk like an economist sometimes) you can rest assured this piece of junk mail can go directly to the shredder/trash bin with no further effort.

And speaking of current resident, perhaps most tv shows should be addressed to current resident. I mean most of what we see is just trash and/or bullshit; depending of course, on your point of view.

Just watched a clip of George Carlin linked to by a fellow blogger…. Who it appears thinks most people should be listed as “current resident”

George Carlin is also of the opinion that most if not all communications with people should be addressed to “current resident”.

My view is not as drastic as Carlin’s as much of the thoughts for my blog come from listening to people; more from people that I disagree with than those that agree with me. However there are times when I search for an escape from a conversation, mostly I just turn my ears off and nod occasionally during the consistent droning in my ear.

But you never know when you are going to pick up a gem.  Had a brief quote shared with me last night in which a tea bagger type said, “Kennedy would not qualify to be a Republican today, the party has become so liberal”? ??

A sign of the Times?

During a brief discussion concerning the recent gunshot death of a 17 year old girl at a pre-prom party I said “It’s a sign of the times.”

Asked to clarify I continued. “We have bombings at public events, they are still rioting in Syria, and children are gunning each other down on a daily basis at an ever increasing rate.”

And “the conditions are worse that I have seen in my lifetime.”

Having spent my entire life in this community I never felt the need to arm myself as a means of self defense.  And now we have people buying guns and ammunition at a rate unheard of in the past.

What is it? What force has created this fear amongst the peace loving citizens of this country?  (Peace loving?)

Do you remember the rousing cheer from the crowd when Governor Perry of Texas was questioned about having the most executions of any state in the union?

Have we as a nation changed from a peace loving, help the unfortunate nation to a vengeful, killing nation?

Based on spending on prisons exceeding spending on schools and the continuing elimination of aid to the poor and disgruntled expressions voiced over foreign aid, it appears so.

Now consider the fact that religion has the strongest influence on our government that it has had in my lifetime, perhaps longer.

Is there a connection?

The United States Supreme Court has agreed to take on a case which may push us further into becoming a theocratic nation. The case is Town of Greece v. Galloway, U.S. Supreme Court, No. 12-696.

Think about it and share your opinions with me. Perhaps we will all understand better what the hell is going on in this world we live in.

March on Monsanto Mt. Pleasant, Mi

King Corn (film)

King Corn (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday I went to Mount Pleasant, Mi. on a fact finding visit. Following are a couple of quotes I picked up.

“We don’t hate big business, we hate EVIL business”

“Eat organic and you pay the farmer now or you can pay the hospital later.”

“I am a product of Monsanto”

This march was well attended and well organized.

I met some nice people who are dedicated to their cause and took many pictures.

They recommended three documentaries that all should watch for more information regarding what Monsanto is doing to us.

“King Corn”

“Food Inc.”


Have not seen any of these but will do so as time allows.

I also plan on posting many of the pictures from the event when I have time to figure out how to properly format the page with pictures, stay tuned for further updates.

Continue with your holiday weekend and enjoy!

Friday Morning ‘s Random Thoughts

Anyone who has reached senior citizen status can attest to the fact that time goes by much faster as we age but, damn it seems to me like Snyder has been Governor of Michigan forever.  Will we ever be released from this scoundrels grasp?

Michigan’s general economy as measured by standard of living and median income has been going down ever since Snyder and the Republicans took control.

The education levels in the state continue to decline under their drastic cuts in funding to education.

The roads and bridges in Michigan are crumbling yet Snyder and the Republicans do nothing.

And at the national level:

Well this morning the news tells me Lois Lerner , the lady that took the 5th in congress’s IRS hearing has just been put on a 30 day leave.

Say what? Is this an overreaction by the IRS or is there really something going on here?

My cynical mind tells me it is an overreaction but I have been wrong in the past and will control myself until the whole story comes out.

World stuff:

March Against Monsanto

This is supposed to be big, their fb page lists marches scheduled worldwide to take place Saturday, May 25, 2013.

Having heard disparaging remarks about Monsanto over the past few years, I have to confess to being ignorant to the activities of the corporation and still have a somewhat mixed opinion on this.

My first thoughts are “with the continuing population explosion in the world, we need to develop more ways to produce food to feed the masses.”

However those opposed to Monsanto seem to be of the opinion that Monsanto is actually doing more harm than good.

Anyway one link to find a march near you is provided here.