One common factor in these Gun massacres


Someone posted this on Facebook yesterday. They provided a list showing how all the culprits had been on or were still on some form of anti-psychotic medication.

Suggesting this is a mental health issue not a gun issue.

As a footnote here I would include the fact that we can all thank “saint Ronnie” for cutting funding for mental health care, but that is another issue, so back to the point.

To the poster I say “DUH!” Yes these people were/are clearly unstable, any person that would do such a thing as slaughter innocent children is not right in the mind. We do not have to search their medical records to determine this.

And short of locking all these people in hospital wards or prisons there will be no end to this activity unless we find a way to stop them from getting access to the weapons of mass destruction more commonly referred to as GUNS!

And while we are working on this we should also look into a way to refuse guns to adults that do not have enough sense to keep the killing machines locked in safe places so another 3-year-old does not kill his 18 month old brother.

Well now I have to take my blood pressure, hope this reduced it a bit. 😉

But i doubt it there are two or three other things going on this morning that have me riled up.


Why All the Killing?


Having a hard time getting my head around another young man taking a gun and killing 6 innocent people and then topping it off by taking his own life. Disclaimer… he did use a knife to kill the first three people.

This has reached epidemic stages and I am in complete bewilderment as to the root cause of this condition. And more importantly a cure for this deplorable activity.

It has been documented that these recent slayings were done by young men with unstable mental health. How so? If they were that unstable why were they not caught/stopped prior to their actions?

And how was it they were allowed to legally purchase the weapons of mass destruction used in their assault on mankind? This is actually a rhetorical question, we all know of the power of the NRA.

A story in asks: Why is it always white guys? Link below…

Upon reading the story we find that it actually is not always white guys, but that is not the point being made in the story. It talks of the perceived mistreatment of these people either by their supervisors, their co-workers, or even their government. Suggesting these people are fed up and have reached the breaking point. The point where the only way they can gain redemption is by doing something dramatic.

However, in my lifetime, I have seen, worked with and known many men that suffered from similar life experiences. Whether it be bullied, ridiculed or passed over for a promotion, many if not all of us, have experienced such events in our lives.

I am reminded of Henry David Thoreau’s quote.

“Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.”

So these mass murderers are not a new, heretofore unknown species of man on this earth, they have been here all along. It is primarily in the recent past that they have resorted to this violence in getting their message to mankind.

Just on the possibility these demented minds may have a thought process indicating “Nobody ever paid attention to me in the past now everyone will pay attention to me, they will know who I am forever.”

The most recent culprit appears to have been screaming for attention with his YouTube videos and his manifesto.

Based on those thoughts, I would like to see a federal law banning the disclosure of any information pertaining to these sick people other than just generic data. A white male age 23. I know the media and the public would scream bloody murder (no pun intended) but, this would possibly eliminate the “going out in a blaze of glory” aspect of this act.

This is by no means a solution to the problem just a possible solution to what may be one of the motivators of such action.

Some of my questions have been discussed on main stream media but, the comments I heard did not satisfy my curiosity.

And one other thing that has changed in the last 30 – 40 years is the treatment of mental health problems. We used to have hospitals where many with mental problems were housed. We now use chemicals to control those people. Of course the meds are almost optional for the patients.

We should examine what kind of care we are providing mentally ill people and the effectiveness of this care.

And at the risk of alienating the gun nuts, we must do something about gun control!

What do you all think?

Why is it always white guys? Link….

An open letter to all the good candidates this year, bad candidates may read also


“Nearly half don’t care”

This story from the Associated Press speaks of a poll recently taken asking Americans who they prefer in charge on Capitol Hill.

“When polled the public put Republicans in a dead heat with “doesn’t matter.” Democrats fare only a little better: 37 percent.”

“I’ve never really noticed any difference in my life depending on which party is in,” said Bob Augusto, 39, an oil-refinery worker in Woodstown, New Jersey. He doesn’t expect to vote in this fall’s midterm election.”

This, my fellow Americans, is the crux of the problem facing America today.

For all of Bob’s life this country has been moving to the right. He has seen no difference because he has only seen one side of the coin.

The Oligarchs have control and they just keep filling their needs with no regards for the needs of Bob or the millions of other “don’t give a damn” Americans.

My friends, as long as this don’t give a damn attitude persists, the conditions will continue to deteriorate.

Many had hopes for a change when Barack Obama won the presidency with his yes we can and hope and change lines. It wasn’t long and those who did give a damn soon saw that the change they were hoping for was yet to arrive.

This led to the formation of groups like the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street.

The Tea Party’s formation is still under contention, some feel it was created by the Koch brothers or one of their affiliates, others suggest it was a true grass roots organization that was co-opted by the Republicans.

Occupy came from a different source and some original members were former tea party folk that became disgruntled with the co-opting of said group by the Republicans.

This group was determined to bring about change by pressuring the oligarchs in control. But alas the oligarchs called out their voices (MSM) and their storm troopers and the movement was muffled. The will and ideas of many of these folks still ferments below the surface. It would be wise to keep this unrest in mind when campaigning.

The root of all the corruption in government and the unrest and don’t give a damn attitude among the public is the vast amount of money in politics.

A talking head on MSNBC started a group called, last I heard it was still accepting monetary donations. 😉

Yesterday I got an email from another group with a similar goal. Get the money out and win back our democracy from the oligarchs.

This group goes by the name Represent Us. They have some good ideas and a neat video. Click on link to get more info on this group.


As you probably all know I am a card-carrying member of the Democratic Party and support Democratic candidates. While they do not all fill my wish book, they do come closer than any Republican ever will.

In example, the Republicans in Michigan just opened the door to more secret money flowing into politics.

So, to all the candidates for office this year, follow-up on the advice of Represent Us, do something to get Bob and Mrs. Bob back to the voting booth. Thank you.

Just think of what a good job you could do if you did not have to spend the majority of your time in office fund-raising!

A few things today, Guns, Veterans and Detroit Tigers


Well another senseless killing spree. Seven dead, 3 with a knife and 4 by gunshot. What do we have to do to put an end to this? Give all the 2nd amendment nuts a blunderbuss and be done with it I say.

Veterans Administration is under fire for the way veterans have been mistreated. The Republicans, as is their way, are calling for heads to roll. Where were they, when funding for veterans was filibustered and where was the main stream media in reporting such activities?

And finally the Tigers have Justin Verlander on the mound today. Will the players give him any run support or should we let Justin bat? 😉

Continue enjoying your holiday weekend.