“We Want Our Country Back!”

This phrase has been heard frequently from tea party folk.
As an old fart, I ask “What country are you referring to?”
Are you speaking of the country of my youth, the late 50s and the early 60s?
The country where a man could work 40 hours a week and provide for himself and his family.
The country where the government was working to serve and protect ALL the people.
The country where young boys played baseball together in public parks and school yards.
Or based on current actions in the United States perhaps you are referring to even further back.
The country of 100 or so years back.
A country that had an environment that brought on the poems/songs such as “Strange Fruit”.

In 1999, Time magazine called this song the song of the century.
A recent study from Princeton suggests we no longer live in a Democracy, we are now living in an oligarchy where the wealthy few make the rules.
Based on this study and the recent actions by some police in this country, it appears we are in dire need for another “song of the century”.
And in conclusion I have to ask my tea party friends, what country is it that you want back?
Enjoy the song and think about what you really want for our once great country.


Just “funnin” today

Meanwhile at Penn GSE
While working on obtaining their doctorate in linguistics at Penn GSE, students are working on developing a new swear word. We are all familiar with damn, hell and shit but this word has been so overused and abused that it is now imperative that the students create a profanity to replace the overused “fuck”.
This profanity once held high esteem amongst English speaking cursers worldwide. However once Hollywood became aware of the shock value of the word, they not only used if profusely but actually abused the word. There was a time when the use of this word meant something. You weren’t screwing around dammit, you were dead serious about the point being made. Now it has been diminished to just another aw shucks or geeze word.
The word has reached the level of commonality only previously achieved by phrases, such as “have a nice day” and “ya know”.
Not since Rhett Butler’s “Frankly Scarlet, I don’t give a damn”, has a phrase or word been so overused and abused in American communications.
So my friends, please join me in wishing the students well in their pursuit.
Have a nice day. 😉
Link to school where you can get your doctorate in linguistics.

To be Blunt, the shit is hitting the fan!

Crap Hitting The Fan

    New York City Police attempt coup.


What now my friends?
Will Governor Cuomo call in the National Guard?
Will we see armed warfare on the streets of New York?
Will the Mayor pull a saint Ronnie on them and fire their asses?
Will Chris Christy close the bridges?
Will Jeb Bush divest himself of his investments in New York?
Will Wall Street turn a profit?
Will Ted Cruz shut down the Senate?
Will Fox blame Obama? (Rhetorical question here)
Will Congressman Darrell Issa call for a congressional investigation of Hillary’s involvement in this?
Will Rand Paul seek no involvement in this local matter?
Will Governor Perry call for executions of all parties involved?
Will Mitt Romney offer to buy New York?
Will Michelle Bachman accuse everyone in New York City of being homosexuals?
And the questions/concerns of America are never ending in this unfolding drama. Not to worry CNN will have reporters on every street corner making up stories as fast as possible. (If ratings call for it)
At any rate, we can all be assured this will be handled in a manner shining light on whatever it is the plutocrats want us to see.
Carry on my friends, carry on!

The Easy Chair

Frequently get into texting discussions with a brother that lives 100 miles south of me here in Michigan. He is kind of a smart alecky guy and tries to get under my skin on various topics.
One day I mentioned to him that I was sitting back in my easy chair relaxing. Well, he went ballistic on me. “What the hell are you talking about easy chair?” he texted me. “That phrase hasn’t been used in years, they are recliners.”
Well I tried to use reason with him, telling him it has been a custom for years for a man to come home after a hard day’s work, sit back in his easy chair and relax. He insists on using the term designed by marketeers in the furniture industry and call it a recliner. Stubborn brother he is.
This debate has carried on for months now. I frequently use the acronym RIMECLMAO. Rolling In My Easy Chair Laughing My Ass Off, when I want to bug him just a bit.
Today I went so far as to provide him the link to the Eagles song “Take it Easy”

I told him to listen to the song. They don’t sing “take it reclining”, they sing “take it easy”.
If you happen to see my brother on the street, tell him to “take it easy.”
Thanks, and have a good day my friends.

“Socialism O Muerte”

And the right wing bias of the main stream media was evident again last night.
Scott Pelley of CBS news’s 60 minutes spent some time in Cuba for his piece on the change in U.S. relations with Cuba.
Pelley made it a point to point out the dismal living conditions in Communist Cuba. Displaying the food coupons given to everyone each month and explaining how the coupons would only provide enough food for about 10 days.
He also displayed the above motto “socialism o muerte” painted on walls more than once during the segment.
This, not too subtle reference to the woes of living in a socialistic/communistic society, is just another example of the control of our media by the oligarchs of the world.
Why don’t they have a segment showing the benefits of living in a socialist society of the following countries?
• China
• Denmark
• Finland
• Netherlands
• Canada
• Sweden
• Norway
• Ireland
• New Zealand
• Belgium
Iink to source….
Or better yet why don’t they have a segment on poverty in America?
They could show signs painted on walls stating “Capitalism is King”
Then they could interview the people that are receiving $15 a month in food stamps.
They could talk about how child poverty is among the worst in developed countries in America.
Come on CBS and 60 minutes and Scott Pelley, give us the complete story, enough of this right wing bullshit.
Link to poverty in America data…..

This one may be wonky, but you should read it anyway

The Memes of Facebook
Not a day goes by when we fail to see a meme on Facebook condemning one minority group or another.
Yesterday’s jewel consisted of a comparison to how illegal immigrants are treated in North Korea, Afghanistan and Iran with how they are treated in the United States.
Just briefly reading the statement leads one to feel anger at illegal immigrants in America, perhaps even hatred.
But examination into the message finds numerous exaggerations and half-truths.
Example, the statement that immigrants get tax freedom for 7 years when they open a business.
I have heard this more than once from others, and when checking with Snopes.com find it to be false. Yet the urban legend continues.
Why? Why does this continue to be accepted in an educated society?
My thoughts are from the old quote “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself.” This quote has been falsely attributed to Joseph Goebbels, Adolph Hitler’s propaganda minister. Actual source unknown.
That quote may explain the why of these hateful memes are being accepted.
Asking why these falsehoods are being constantly placed before us one reaches the conclusion they are being shared for the sole purpose of creating unrest and resentment towards our fellow man.
This action will occupy our minds to an extent that we overlook the real villains, the real cause of our pain and suffering.
The real villains being the wealthy Wall Street banksters and other members of the “one percent.”
We have seen study after study showing the wealth of America has gone increasingly to the “one percent” in the last 30-40 years. So much so that, income inequality in America has reached a point of shame.
So my friends, if you find yourself struggling and/or lamenting the woes of making it in today’s economic world, look not at those with less than you, look instead at those with almost all the wealth in the world. They are in fact the real villains here.
This is the meme that we should all be sharing on our pages….

Economic and social justice for all is our goal.