And again the uneducated masses rise up in anger

What are we to do?
These young people wake up each morning lacking the proper education to get a fulfilling job.
They will be spending another day living in poverty.
They see no vision of hope for ever improving their lot in life.
Yesterday in Baltimore they spoke up saying “We are mad as hell and we aren’t going to take it anymore.”
Their method of communication was looting and violence. The message of last resort?
Meanwhile thousands more participated in peaceful demonstrations protesting the conditions in Baltimore. Christian and Muslim clerics joined hands to peacefully quell the looting and violence. For the most, the mainstream media chose to ignore these groups.
And in the suburbs the whites either went tsk, tsk or screamed “shoot those thugs” and carried on with their daily lives.
The root cause of this civil disturbance is immense and has been brushed under the rug for years.
The apathy is overwhelming.
Today Facebook opens with a call for donations to the victims of the earthquake in Nepal. What about the victims in our inner cities?
What are we to do?


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