Bernie Sanders for President?

Senator Bernie Sanders threw his hat in the ring today as a Democratic candidate for president of the United States.
As a progressive Democrat, I support Senator Sanders in this effort.

My concerns in this are many.
Senator Sanders will be painted as a socialist, communist? By the main stream media, Wall Street and the wealthy. This is a mighty force and they have unlimited funding behind them.
Senator Sanders does not always come off well in his public appearances as displayed already last night on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Where videos of Senator Sanders were played showing him addressing the senate.
Disregarding the visual and listening to the Senator and his views on the issues should be enough to sway the people to liking him and his proposals but, can we expect the general public to disregard the visuals?
For the record Senator Sanders is opposed to citizens united. He is opposed to TPP. He is opposed to the high cost of education for our children. Senator Sanders is for expanding Social Security and Medicare.
Senator Sanders has many other positions that ring a bell in my chapel. Check him out and join me in supporting him.
*Note. Senator Sander’s entry into this race if nothing else, will highlight the needs of our country and require a response from Hillary and the Republicans and that in itself is a worthy cause.
Should Senator Sanders lose the primary to Hillary, this voter will give full support to Hillary.


3 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders for President?

  1. At this point, I think that Sanders’ entry into the fray is more to push Hillary to the left than a serious run for the presidency. However, the recent noise about the $2 billion Clinton Foundation gift, questions about how the Clintons are spending their money, influence peddling, sloppy record-keeping and huge travel and administrative costs are troubling. Their astronomical speaking fees are up for scrutiny, and the money questions just keep surfacing. The Ukrainian billionaire Victor Pinchuk’s company which makes pipes for oil and gas industries has donated $8.6 million to the Clinton Foundation and pledged a further $1.5 million or more to Ukrainian projects through CGI. There are a LOT of questions about her enormous donations and conflicts of interest. Sanders is now in a position to poke at her in debates and interviews and expose or at least question her ethical lapses in accepting so much money from questionable sources. I, for one, thoroughly dislike Hillary and do not trust her to be true to her word – any word. Political office has become the road to lucrative payoffs both under & over the table, plus huge lecture & speaking fees which have already made her and the Clinton Foundation fabulously wealthy. Maybe she will get away with it all. Or maybe we will see another Teapot Dome scandal. It’s going to be an interesting 18 months.


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